Early Iowa Imprints

The following list of Early Iowa Imprints, arranged in chronological order, derivers from a card file maintained for many years in the department of Special Collections. It was discontinued in the 1990s. While incomplete, it may still be a useful source for information on the history of printing in the Territory and State of Iowa before 1900.

Iowa (Ter.) Laws, statutes, etc.

—-. Laws of Iowa passed at the annual session of the Legislative assembly, 1 st -session, 1838-39. Iowa City, Palmer, 1839-. 1838-39. yK345.12.I6

—-. Revised statutes of the territory of Iowa, rev. and comp. by a joint committee of the legislature — session 1842-143, and arranged by the secretary of the territory… Iowa City, Printed by Hughes, 1843. cop.l & cop.2. yK345.12.I62

—-. Laws of Iowa passed at the annual session of the Legislative Assembly. 1838/39-1845/46. Iowa City [etc.] Palmer [etc.]. v. 23-28 cm. Title varies: 1838-39, The statute of laws of the Territory of Iowa ; 1842/43, Local laws of the Territory of Iowa. Other slight variations in title. Some issues published also in reprint editions. yKF14230.A2

Iowa (Ter.) Supreme Court. Rules of practice in the Supreme Court for the territory of Iowa. Adopted at the Jan’y term, 1843. Iowa City, Printed by Hughes & Williams, 1843. yJK6383.A2 1843

Iowa. Constitution. Constitution for the State of Iowa, December 9, 1844. [ Washington, 1844] 15p. 23cm. (28th Congress, 2d Session. Senate [Document] 3) xJK6325.1844 A6

Methodist Episcopal Church. Conferences. Iowa. Minutes. Official record. lst- 1844- . Dubuque [etc.] v. 18-23cm. annual session. Title varies. xBX8382.I6

Congregational Churches in Iowa. General Assembly. Constitution, articles of faith, rules of business, and general principles of church polity of the General Congregational association of Iowa. Burlington : Printed at the Hawk-eye office. 1845. xBX7108.I8 A4

Morgan, James M. Speech of Hon. James M. Morgan, of Des Moines, on the bill to submit the constitution to the people. Delivered in the House of Reps. May 31, 1845. Iowa City, Williams & Palmer, 1845, 14p. 23cm. Imperfect copy: p.9-10 closely trimmed; portion of text cut away. xJK6325.1845 A2

The Carrier’s address to the patrons of the Burlington Hawk-eye, January 1, 1846. [ Burlington, Iowa ? 1846?] 1 leaf. 42cm. Verse. xfPS991.A1 C31

Hempstead, Stephen, 1812-1883. Masonic oration, delivered by S. Hempstead, esq. on St. John’s day, June 24, 1846. Published by order of Dubuque lodge, no. 3. Dubuque, Printed at the office of the Miners’ express. August, 1846. xHS397.H4

Holbrook, John C. Sketch of the religious history of Dubuque, I.T., with details relating to the Congregational church. A discourse, by John C. Holbrook, pastor of the Congregational church of Dubuque. Dubuque, George Greene, printer. 1846. Iowa Authors

Iowa (Ter.) Constitutional Convention, 1846. Rules for the government of the Convention. Iowa City, A.H. Palmer, printer, 1846. yJK362.1846 A44

Newhall, John B. A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846; or the Emigrant’s Guide and State Directory; with a description of the new purchase: embracing much practical advice and useful information to intending emigrants. Also, the new state constitution. By J.B. Newhall. Second edition. Burlington, Iowa : W.D. Skillman, 1846. yF621.N53

Sons of Temperance of North America. Grand Division of Iowa.

—-. Far West Division No. 4, Iowa City. Constitution and by-laws of Far West division, no. 4, of the Sons of Temperance, of Iowa City, Iowa. Instituted October 7, 1847. Iowa City : Printed by Silas Foster. 1847. xHV5287.S74 I6 1847

—- Constitutions of the National, Grand, and subordinate divisions of the order of the Sons of temperance. Also, the by-laws, rules of order, and principles and forms of discipline of the Grand division of Iowa ; to which are added, extracts from proceedings of the National division. Printed by order of the Grand division of Iowa, organized at Bloomington, February lst, A.D. 1848. Burlington, Iowa. Printed by James Tizzard & co., 1848. xHV5287.S72 A2 1848

—-. Proceedings of the Grand division of the Sons of temperance of the state of Iowa, at their quarterly sessions, in February, April, July and Oct., 1848. T.S. Battelle, G.S. Bloomington: F.A.C. Foreman, (Herald office,) printer. 1848. xHV5287.S74 I52

—-. Alpha Division, No. 1, Bloomington. Constitution and by-laws of Alpha division, no. l, of the Sons of temperance, of the state of Iowa ; instituted at Bloomington, April 22, 1847. “Love, purity, fidelity.” Bloomington, Iowa. Br. H.D. La. Cossitt, printer: “Democratic enquirer” office, 1848. xHV5287.S74 B54 1848

Odd-Fellows. Independent Order of. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Annual communication. 1st -. Muscatine, IA., etc., 1849-. 1849-51, 1854, 1856, 1858, 1860. xHS1043.I8 A2

Congregational Churches in Iowa. General Association. Manual of Church Polity. Burlington, 1850. xBX7143.C66

Iowa. Governor. [Message] Des Moines [etc.] The State. v. 0 cm. Includes biennial and special messages, inaugural addresses, speeches, etc. before the General Assembly. xJ87.I82

Kilbourne, David Wells, 1803-1876. Strictures, on Dr. I. Galland’s pamphlet, entitled, “Villany exposed,” with some account of his transactions in lands of the Sac and Fox reservation, etc., in Lee County, Iowa. By D.W. Kilbourne. Fort Madison : Printed at the Statesman office. 1850. xF627.L4 K5

Freemasons. Iowa. Grand Lodge.

—-. The book of constitutions, and the constitutions, by-laws, and general regulations of the Grand lodge of Iowa : to which are added a collection of Masonic forms. Reprinted by order of the Grand lodge of Iowa. A.L. 5850. Burlington, Printed by Morgan & M’Kenny, 1851. xHS445.I8 A2 1851

—-.  Constitution and by-laws of the Grand lodge of Iowa. Also, the standing regulations. Burlington : Morgan & M’Kenny, printers. 1851. xHS445.I8 A2 1851a

Iowa Western Railroad Company. Report of the engineer of the Iowa Western Railroad. Made Nov.27, 1851, with an appendix containing the General incorporation act of Iowa, the Articles of association of the I.W.R.R. Company, The Act of the General Assembly granting the right of way, &c. Published by order of the Board of Directors. Muscatine, H.D.La.Cossitt, 1851. Report submitted by Tho. J. McKean. xHE2791.I78

Sons of Temperance of North America. Grand Division of Iowa. Journal of the proceedings of the Grand division of the Sons of temperance, of the state of Iowa. From its organization February lst, 1848, to the close of the third annual session, October 17th, A.D. 1850. Keokuk: Printed by Loomis & Swinton. 1851. xHV5287.S74I5

Westfield…Broadside. Westfield, June 8, 1851. xF627.P85 W4

Bloss, Celestia Angenette. Heroines of the Crusades. By C.A. Bloss…. Muscatine, Iowa : R.M. Burnett, Publisher. 1852. Probably not printed in Muscatine, but in Auburn, or Rochester, N.Y., where the author lived, and where other editions were issued. xD156.B6

Hughes, Joseph Clokey. Introductory address delivered by Professor J.C. Hughes, before the class of medical students,… session of 1852-3,… Iowa University. Keokuk: Printed at the City Book and Job Office. 1852. x610.4.H89i Med.

Odd Fellows, Independent Order of. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Constitution, and by-laws and forms, of the Grand lodge, I.O.O.F., of the state of Iowa : together with the constitution for subordinate lodges under its jurisdiction. Adopted at the annual session of the G.L., held at Muscatine, Jan. 15th, A.D. 1852. Muscatine : Bro. H.D. La. Cossitt, book & job printer, 2d st. 1852. xHS1043.I8 A2

Cuming, T.B. An Oration delivered by T.B. Cuming, on the 77th anniversary of American independence, before the citizens of Keokuk, Iowa, July 4, 1853. (Published by request.) Keokuk, Iowa : Dispatch Print. 1853. xE286.K44 1853

Odd-Fellows. Independent Order of. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Address and poem; delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the Iowa Female Collegiate Institute, in Iowa City, Oct. 27th, 1853. Iowa City, Printed at the Reporter Office, 1853. Contents. – Moral and intellectual training, by C.O. Waters.-Woman’s rights; a poem by R.H. Sylvester. xLD7251 1603

Congregational Churches in Iowa. General Assembly. Minutes of the General Association of Iowa, at their session in Davenport, June, 1854. [n.p. 1854?] The minutes for 1855 were printed in Boston.” xBX7108.I8 A2

Iowa State Medical and Chirurgical Society. The transactions of the Iowa state medical and chirurgical society, third and fourth sessions. Held at Fairfield, May, 1852 and Davenport, June, 1853. Burlington : the Telegraph printing company. 1854. x610.6.I64 Med. v.3-4

Odd-Fellows, Independent Order of. Iowa. A list of the contributing members belonging to the subordinate lodges under jurisdiction of the R.W. Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F. of the State of Iowa. To December 31st, 1853. Burlington, The Telegraph Printing Co., 1854. xHS969 1803

Sanford, John Fletcher, 1823-1874. Ideas and taste of the age. An address, delivered before the Library association, Keokuk, Iowa, February, 1854. By J.F. Sanford, M.D. Keokuk: Printed at the Keokuk daily whig book and job office. 1854. xAZ103.S35

Gowers’ Land Agency. [Prospectus of services, terms and fees for land sales in Iowa ] / Gowers’ Land Agency, Iowa City, Iowa. — Iowa City, Iowa : The Agency, [1855] 1 broadside; 28 x 22 cm. Title supplied by cataloger. James H. Gower and James Otis Gower, Iowa City, and Charles W. Gower, Greenville, Maine, are listed as partners in the Agency. xHD266.I8 G68 1855

Independent Order of Good Templars. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars, held in Iowa City, October 3, 1855. Volume II. Keokuk, Iowa : 0. Clemens, Printer, 52 Main Street. 1855. xHV5228.G62 I8 1855

Iowa. Laws, statutes, etc. Rules of practice in the district courts of the seventh judicial district of Iowa. Council Bluffs [IA.] Printed at the Council Bluffs Bugle Office, 1855. yJK6384.I6

Kilbourne, David Wells, 1803-1876. Inaugural address of D.W.Kilbourne, mayor of the city of Keokuk. Delivered at Concert Hall, April 10, 1855. At the unanimous request of the audience, ordered to be published by the City Council. Keokuk, Gate City Print, 1855. 20p. 23cm. xF629.K4 K5

Langworthy, Lucius Hart, 1800-1865. Dubuque : its history, mines, Indian legends, etc., in two lectures, delivered before the Dubuque literary institute, December 18th, 1854, and February 26th, 1855. By Lucius H. Langworthy. Dubuque : Published by the Institute [1855]. Iowa Authors

Mix, George A. Report given by Col. Geo. A. Mix, Dubuque, of the exploration of the proposed route of the Dubuque & Pacific Railroad. — Dubuque : Printed at the Daily Tribune Office, 1855. 8 p.; 23 cm. “Published by order of the directors.” xHE2791.D73 M5 1855

Parvin, John Abbott, 1807-1887. An address delivered before the State teacher’s association of Iowa, at Iowa City, December 27th, 1854, on the necessity of universal education in the United States. By J.A. Parvin, esq., of Muscatine, president of the association. Published by the association. Muscatine : Printed by Williams & Carskaddan. 1855. xLA215.P3

Holbrook, John C. Our country’s crisis: a discourse delivered in Dubuque, Iowa, on Sabbath evening, July 6, 1856, by Rev. John C. Holbrook, pastor of the Congregational church. Dubuque, Republican office, 91 Main Street [1856?]. Iowa Authors

Independent Order of Good Templars. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Proceedings of the annual and semiannual sessions of the Grand lodge I.O. of G.T. of the state of Iowa, held at Comanche, Iowa, on the 23d day of April, and at Keokuk on the 8th and 9th days of October, 1856. Keokuk: 0. Clemens, book and job printer, 52 Main Street. 1856. xHV5228.G62 I8 1855

Mann, Donald. Memorial of Donald Mann concerning abuses in the Demoine Navigation & Railroad Company: which memorial was ordered to be printed, July 10, by the Iowa Senate, and which was, also, ordered to be printed, July 11, by the House of Representatives. — Iowa City Crum & Boye, 1856. 8 p.; 22 cm. With: Memorial of Henry O’Rielly. Iowa City : Crum & Boye, 1856. xHE2771.I8 O7 1856

O’Rielly, Henry. Memorial of Henry O’Rielly asking an investigation of the affairs of the Demoine Navigation & Railroad Company: read in the Senate, July 15, 1856 another memorial from the same person was, on the same day, read in the House of Representatives: together with the bill passed by said House of Representatives in reference to such investigation. — Iowa City : Crum & Boye, 1856. 8 p., 22 cm. With: Memorial of Donald Mann. Iowa City : Crum & Boye, 1856. xHE2771.I8 O7 1856

Post, Truman Marcellus, 1810-1876. Religion and education. An oration, delivered at the annual commencement of Iowa college, Davenport, July 30th, 1856. By the Rev. Truman M. Post, D.D., of St. Louis. Published by request of the trustees. Davenport: A.P. Luse & Co., printers, book binders and stationers. 1856. xLC341.P6

Reid, Hiram Alvin, b.1834. The heart-lace, and other poems. By H.A. Reid. Printed and published by the author. Davenport, IA., A.P. Luse & Co., printers, 1856. Iowa Authors (xerox)

Cedar County, IA. Superintendent of Schools. Catalogue of the instructors, lecturers and members of the Teachers institute, held in Tipton, Iowa ; commencing December 29, 1856, and ending Jan. 3, 1857. Tipton, Iowa, Printed at the Advertiser office, 1857. xLB1753.I6 C4

The Iowa form book: or, Book of practical forms containing precedents and forms for ordinary business dealings and transactions, with statements of the law, adapted and designed for the use of merchants, mechanics, farmers, business men, and especially justices of the peace / [edited] by John M. Bradford. — Davenport, Iowa : Pub. House of Luse, Lane, 1857. 335 p.; 21 cm. Library’s copy 2 was the personal copy of James R. Ingersoll, Muscatine, Iowa. Includes index. xKFI4268.I6 1857

The North-western review and commercial and real estate reporter. v.l no. 1-11. June, 1857 – April, 1858 Keokuk. xF616.N87

Parvin, Theodore Sutton, 1917-1901. Report on the climate of Iowa : embracing the result of the meteorological records of the year 1856, at Muscatine, Iowa, with a synopsis of the records of the seven years from 1850 to 1856, inclusive. By Theodore S. Parvin, of Muscatine. Muscatine : Printed by Raymond, Foote & co., Faust printing house. 1857. xQC984.I8 P37

Turrill, H.B. Historical reminiscences of the city of Des Moines, together with a full description of the city and county, and an enumeration of the various advantages which the surrounding region offers to immigrants. By N.B. Turrill. Des Moines, Iowa : Redhead & Dawson. 1857. xF629.D4 T8

A description of central Iowa : with especial reference to Polk County and Des Moines, the state capitol; together with eight adjacent counties. Prepared by a committee of citizens for the purpose of imparting full and reliable information in reply to numerous inquiries respecting the soil, climate, productions, prices of land, improvements, etc. Des Moines, Iowa : Printed at the Iowa state journal office. 1858. xF621.D4

Dubuque Emigrant Association]. Northern Iowa. By a pioneer. Containing valuable information for emigrants. Published by the Dubuque emigrant association. Dubuque : W.A. Adams, printer. 1858. xF621.D78

Hartsock, JR, editor. The Western Freemason. Edited by J.R. Hartsock. Iowa City : Jerome, Duncan and Tucker, Printers. 1858. v.1-4 no. 11; April 1857-May 1860. xHS351.W48

Iowa State Medical Society. Constitution, by-laws and code of ethics of the Iowa state medical society, together with the transactions of the eighth and ninth annual meetings held at Iowa City and Mount Pleasant, 1857-1858. Davenport : Publishing house of Luse, Lane & co., 1858. x610.6.I64 Med. v.8

Pioneer Settlers’ Association of Scott County. Organization and proceedings of the Pioneer Settlers’ Association of Scott County, Iowa: 1858: with a full report of the first festival. – Davenport : Steam Power Press of the Daily Gazette, 1858. 39 p.; 26 cm. xF627.S4 P5 1858

Reid, Hiram Alvin, b.1834. Harp of the West; a poem, in five parts. By Hiram A. Reid. Davenport : Publishing house of Luse, Lane & Co., 55 Perry St. 1858. Iowa Authors

Tipton, IA. Union School. The first catalogue of officers, teachers and students of the Tipton union school, for the year ending July 3d, 1858. Tipton, Iowa : Printed at the Advertiser office. 1858. xLA288.T5 T57

Wilkie, Franc Bangs, 1832-1892. Davenport past and present; including the early history, and personal and anecdotal reminiscences of Davenport; together with biographies, likenesses of its prominent men; compendious articles upon the physical industrial, social and political characteristics of the city; full statistics of every department of note or interest, &c. By Franc B. Wilkie. Davenport : Publishing house of Luse, Lane & co. 1858. x974.I6d.w

E. Coy & Co.’s twin cities directory and business mirror, for the year 1860. Including the cities of Davenport, Rock Island and Moline. Published by E. Coy & co. Vol. I. Davenport: Publishing house of Luse, Lane & co. 1859. xF629.D2 A183

Freemasons. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Constitution and by-laws of the Grand lodge of Iowa, adopted January 3d, 1844, and revised June 3d, 1856, together with a model code of by-laws for lodges under dispensation, regulations for Masonic trials, installation ceremony for Grand lodges, and forms for various purposes. Muscatine : Raymond, Foster & Eystra, Faust printing house. 1859. xHS445.I8 A2 1859

Freemasons. Iowa. Royal Arch Masons. Grand Chapter. Constitution of the Grand chapter of the state of Iowa, together with the standard code of by-laws for sub ordinate chapters, installation ceremony and forms. Muscatine : Raymond, Orr & Eystra, Faust printing house and bindery. 1859. xHS717.I8 A3 1851

Harlan, James, 1820-1899. The democratic party; its responsibility, its practice and policy, since the inauguration of Franklin Pierce, March 4th, 1853; speech delivered June 22nd, 1859, at Des Moines City, before the Republican state convention. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Office of the Republican news, 1859. xJK2318.I8 1859

Hartsock, James Rush, 1818-1894. Address of M.W. Jas. R. Hartsock, G.M. to the Grand lodge of Iowa, June 7th, 1859. Iowa City, Printed by Jerome, Duncan & Tucker, Republican office. 1859. xHS397.H29

Independent Order of Good Templars. Iowa. Grand Lodge. Proceedings of the annual session of the Grand lodge of the Independent order of good templars, of the state of Iowa, held at Des Moines, August 17th, 18th & 19th, 1859. Keokuk: Printed at the Daily gate city office. 1859. xHV5228.G62 I8 1855

Methodist Episcopal Church. Conferences. Iowa. Minutes of the sixteenth session of the Methodist Episcopal church, held at Muscatine, Iowa, September 7th to 12th, 1859. Published by order of the conference. Des Moines : Mills brothers, printers, Caloric buildings. 1859. xBX8382.I6

Hartsock, James Rush, 1818-1894. Address of M.’. W.’. Jas. R. Hartsock, grand master, to the Grand lodge of Iowa, at Burlington, in Tuesday, June 5th, A.L. 5860, A.D. 1860. Iowa City : Printed at W. Crum ‘s general printing office. 1860. xHS397.H3

Holbrook, John C, 1808. Discourses, dedicatory end historical, by John C Holbrook. Dubuque, Iowa, W.J.Gilbert, 1860. 16p. 22cm. Iowa Authors

Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. Iowa (Diocese). Journal of the proceedings of the seventh annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal church in the diocese of Iowa, held in Christ church, Burlington, May 30th and 31st, 1860. Davenport : Publishing house of Luse, Lane & co., 1860. xBX5825.P7

Taylor, John W… Iowa, the “Great hunting ground” of the Indian; and the “Beautiful land” of the white man. Information for immigrants. Published by John W. Taylor, at his real estate and immigrant office, Dubuque, Iowa. July, 1860. Dubuque : Daily times book and job printing house, 56 and 58 Main Street. 1860. xF621.T3

Carrier’s address to the patrons of the Anamosa Eureka, January let, 1861. — [ Anamosa, Iowa ?: s.n., 1861?]. 1l. 34 cm, Pencil inscription at top: “Written by W. G. Hammond, a lawyer.” xfPS991.A1 C295

Johnson County, Iowa. Board of Supervisors. Journal of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Johnson County, Iowa. Iowa City, Printed by Jerome & Duncan. v. 23cm. xJS451.I89 J6

Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. Geistliche Lieder für Schule und Kirche. [St. Sebald] Clayton Co., Iowa, Druck und Verlag des Seminars Wartburg, 1865. 112p. 20cm. Without music; tunes in part indicated by title. xBV481.L8 I85 1865

Calhoun, John B., fl. 1873. Report of the Land Commissioner of the Iowa Rail Road Land Company and land departments of the Iowa Falls and Sioux City Rail Road Co. and Sioux

City and Pacific Railroad Co.: also, of the Blair Town Lot and Land Company, and the S.C. and I.F. Town Lot and Land Co. — Cedar Rapids: Daily Republican Book and Job Print. Co., 1873. 27 p.; 23 cm. ” Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 31st, 1873.” xHE1064.I8 C35 1873

Larimer, AV. Argument of A.V. Larimer on the Union Pacific Railroad terminus and bridge. — Council Bluffs : [s.n.], 1873­. 19 p.; 24 cm. Clippings mounted on last two leaves: The agreement of the Union Pacific R. R. Co. with the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa. xHE2791.U54 L3

The Common school. v. 1-4, no. 2; 1874-Feb. 1877. Davenport IA., Gazette Co. 4 v. ill. 26 cm. “A monthly state journal of education for Iowa.” Title varies: July 1875-Oct. 1876, Common school and Iowa journal of education. Editor: -Feb. 1877, W. E. Crosby. Absorbed the Iowa school journal in July 1875. xLB5.C85

Troyer, Noah, 1831­. Sermons delivered by Noah Troyer, the noted Amish man, while in an unconscious state. With a brief biographical sketch of his life. Iowa City, Iowa, Daily Republican Job Print, 1879. 40p. 22cm. xBX8129.A6 T7

L’Etoile du Kansas et de l’Iowa no 1-51; Jan.1873-Dec.1880. [ Icarie, Iowa ] 51 no. 31cm.

“Organe du Communisme liberateur des Peuples et de l’Individu.” Mar.l, 1873 issue unnumbered. Nos.37-51 also called vol.6-7. Supplements accompany some nos. Superseded by Etoile des pauvre et des pauvres et des pauvres et des souffrants. xfHX1.E8

Cox, Jacob Dolson, 1828-1900. Old Shady; or, The disappointed Yankee. A thrilling pen picture of political and social outrages in the South. Crime and ostracism in Alabama. Another “Fool’s errand” by an Ohio soldier. Sanborn, Iowa, Pioneer Print [c1893] 220p. front. (port.) 22cm. xF326.5.C689

Looker, J. K. M. A lecture on the circulation of the blood by electro-magnetism or polarity with a text book lesson annexed / by J.K.M. Looker. Bonaparte, Iowa : [s.n.], 1896. 25 p., [l] leaf of plates: port.; 17 cm. Library’s copy imperfect: p. 25 wanting. xQP101.L6

Steinle, Ernst. The true aim of anarchism, by E. Steinle. Columbus Junction, IA., E.H Fulton, 1896. 15p. 23cm. ( Liberty library, no.4). xHX833.S8

Two important essays. 1st essay: The commune of Paris, by Peter Kropotkin. 2d essay: An anarchist on anarchy, by Elisée Reclus. Columbus Junction, IA., E.H. Fulton, 1896. 16p. 23cm. ( Liberty library, no.3). xDC318.T86