The books, manuscripts, and other materials housed in the Special Collections & University Archives Department must normally be used in the Department’s reading room and do not circulate outside the Department. Occasional exceptions are made for students, professional staff, and faculty on an ad hoc basis, primarily for books that are still in-print and which would be relatively easy and inexpensive to replace (at the borrower’s expense) should they be lost or damaged. Recent imprints from the James Wills Bollinger Collection of Lincolniana, the Iowa Authors Collection, Special Collections Reference, and the Szathmary Collection of Culinary Arts are examples of candidates for circulation. Rare, unique, exceptionally fragile, and expensive materials do not circulate.

Loaned materials circulate for a short period, typically overnight but with good reason from two to four days. One week is generally the maximum period. Patrons will not be required to leave an identification card to secure the loan, but they will be asked to show picture identification to the staff and will be required to supply a local address and ID number.

Loaned books must be returned directly to Special Collections and not left in return boxes or with the Libraries’ Circulation Department.