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The portion of this website in front of you brings together in preliminary fashion a variety of lists and descriptions for United States Miniature Books published during the Twentieth Century. The books have then been organized by press or publisher as described in Robert C. Bradbury’s Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books (No. Clarendon, Vermont: The Microbibliophile, 2000). This page describes titles held by the University of Iowa Libraries for the press or publisher described below. The descriptions generally follow Bradbury’s format: Author. Title. Imprint (if it varies from the heading), date. Size in inches. Number of pages. Brief physical description. Illustrations note. Copy # of [##] copies.

Angry Mountain Press

Fullerton, CA


Robbins, Sara. Little Things. Fullerton, CA: Jane Dehn, 1982. 1 ½” x 1 5/16″.
Colophon: Jane Dehn. #40 of 100. Signed Jane Dehn.
Accordian fold-out. Stiff paper boards with labels. Overall length of 10 ¼” for accordian fold-out page. Incorporates hand colored illustration with a bit of wisdom. B20th 1/2571.

Dehn, Allison. Alsie and the Angry Mountain. Fullerton, CA, 1980. 2 11/16″ x 2 ¼”.
Colophon: This edition was written and illustrated by Allison Dehn. Designed and bound by Jane Dehn, Fullerton California, July 1980. Signed Allison’s grandmother, Jane Dehn. #57 of 300 copies.
Gray boards in decorative dust wrapper. End papers are a hand colored ap. An eyewitness account of the Mount St. Helens disaster written and illustrated by a 5-year-old. Handcolored by Jane Dehn. A pocket at the back of the book holds a packet of ash from the historic eruption. B20th 2887.

Robbins, Sara. At Eventide. Jane Dehn, 1984.
1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″.
An accordian fold book, hand colored, and bound in heavy cardboard. B20th 4/2570.

Boeing, Bertha. Boing 80A: A Journal of the First Flight, August 1928. Angry Mountain Press, 1928. B20th 5/454.