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Iron Bear Press

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The portion of this website in front of you brings together in preliminary fashion a variety of lists and descriptions for United States Miniature Books published during the Twentieth Century. The books have then been organized by press or publisher as described in Robert C. Bradbury’s Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books (No. Clarendon, Vermont: The Microbibliophile, 2000). This page describes titles held by the University of Iowa Libraries for the press or publisher described below. The descriptions generally follow Bradbury’s format: Author. Title. Imprint (if it varies from the heading), date. Size in inches. Number of pages. Brief physical description. Illustrations note. Copy # of [##] copies.

Iron Bear Press

San Diego, CA


Miller, K. J. about…ART. San Diego, CA: Iron Bear Press, 1999. 30pp. Equilateral triangle shaped book, 2 7/8″ on each side. Computer generated. Ink jet printed. Hand bound by K. J. Miller. Signed by author. Yellow cloth covered boards. Number 64 of an edition of 100.

Miller, K. J. Leaving a Mark. San Diego, CA: Iron Bear Press, 1996. 2 3/8″ x 1 ½” x 1″ tall. Accordion style book. Printed letterpress on Japanese paper. Book structure consists of brass leading encasing 12 point Century lead type, spacing and ornamentation, highlighted with 24 karat gold and lined with French marbled paper. Case made of old letterpress type and brass. Edition of 10, signed and numbered. This is number 7. B20th: Not listed.

Miller, Kathy. Rhythms in Life: Jazz. San Diego, CA: Iron Bear Press, 2000. Piano roll. 3″. Signed by author. Colophon: Hand set letterpress in 8 point Univers. Lithograph with digital images and text. Kitakata Japanese paper with piano roll. Hand bound in imported book cloth with brass handles. Miniature edition of 35. This is number 10. B20th: Not listed.

Miller, Kathy and Diane Weintraub. Mightier Than . . . San Diego, CA: Iron Bear Press, 2000. 40 pp., 2 ¾” x 3″. Signed by authors. Colophon: Handset letterpress in Japanette on Hosokawa Ohban. Hand-dyed sil and Japanese book cloth. Diane Weintraub, Kathy Miller. Miniature edition of 33. This is book number 23. Hand-bound in Celadon imported Japanese book cloth with bronze mesh sash. Geode tied to sash with claret mesh. 6 leaves. B20th: Not listed.