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The portion of this website in front of you brings together in preliminary fashion a variety of lists and descriptions for United States Miniature Books published during the Twentieth Century. The books have then been organized by press or publisher as described in Robert C. Bradbury’s Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books (No. Clarendon, Vermont: The Microbibliophile, 2000). This page describes titles held by the University of Iowa Libraries for the press or publisher described below. The descriptions generally follow Bradbury’s format: Author. Title. Imprint (if it varies from the heading), date. Size in inches. Number of pages. Brief physical description. Illustrations note. Copy # of [##] copies.

Kingsport Press

Kingsport, TN


Lincoln, Abraham. Address of Abraham Lincoln. Kingsport, TN: Kingsport Press, 1929. 139 pp. 7/8″ x 5/8″. Colophon: By training division of Kingsport Press under the direction of E.G. Ingraham, Education Dir. Ded: To Student Craftsmen Everywhere. A special edition of 125 copies of this book have been printed for the members of the Antiquerian Institute of Graphic Arts. The initial edition was a first prize at E.D.A. at Boston in 1928. Printed by movable type, red leather binding, all edges gilted. Lettered in gilt. B20th 2. Four additional copies, not among the special edition, Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Pauline B. Deems.

Coolidge, Calvin. Extracts from the Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. Kingsport, TN: Kingsport Press Inc., 1930. 129 pp. 7/8″ x 5/8″. Colophon: Full blue leather stamped in gilt with a design of radiating lines and stars. The upper cover has a gilt initial “C”, all edges gilted. A finely produced miniature printed from movable type. Copyright 1929, Calvin Coolidge. All rights reserved. B20th 3. One additional copy, Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Pauline B. Deems.

Washington, George. Washington, His Farewell Address. Kinsport, Tennessee: Kingsport Press, 1932. 142 pp. 7/8″ x 5/8″. Colophon: Portrait showing profile in white against black background, decorated with flags. 7 ff., including half-title, portrait and title. Type: printed from movable type in a minute and very clear type, 3-pt. Blue morocco, richly stamped in gilt on both covers and spine with a design composed of dotted lines and stars. Initials “GW” in center on front cover. Gilt edges, fine. The same edition as the tiny Lincoln and Coolidge. The text is taken, with a few slight variations, from “American Masterpieces” of the 15-volume set of “Modern Eloquence”. This little volume is a tribute by the printer-publishers on the occasion of the bicentennial of Washington’s birth. B20th 4.

Four additional copies, Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Pauline B. Deems.