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The portion of this website in front of you brings together in preliminary fashion a variety of lists and descriptions for United States Miniature Books published during the Twentieth Century. The books have then been organized by press or publisher as described in Robert C. Bradbury’s Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books (No. Clarendon, Vermont: The Microbibliophile, 2000). This page describes titles held by the University of Iowa Libraries for the press or publisher described below. The descriptions generally follow Bradbury’s format: Author. Title. Imprint (if it varies from the heading), date. Size in inches. Number of pages. Brief physical description. Illustrations note. Copy # of [##] copies.

Oak Park Press

Wichita, KS


Yarnell, Jim. Guacamole, According to Luke. Wichita, KS: Oak Park Press, 1983. 28 pp. 2 7/8″ x 2 3/8″. Colophon: This book has been written, designed, hand set, printed and bound by Jim Yarnell. Some illustrations are from old engravings; others from young engravings of drawings by the author. Testimonial figures are from ancient clay stamp designs of the Toltec culture of Mexico. End papers were adapted from a Mexican tile design. 300 copies, this is #163, signed by Jim Yarnell, 1983. A lighthearted treatise on the making of the Mexican delicacy, Guacamole. Contains 13 colored illustrations. Decorated end papers in patterned yellow and green. Bound in cloth with a blue front and back, and an orange spine. Title stamped in gold on the front cover. B20th 2.

Yarnell, Jim. Specimens, from Rags to Rushes, Being Examples of Handmade Papers and How They Came to Be. Wichita, KS: Oak Park Press, 1983. 61 PP. 2 5/8″ X 1 7/8″. Letterpress, gilt leather. Color illustration by author. Edition of 200 signed copies. B20th 3.

Thayer, Ernest L. Casey at the Bat. Wichita, KS: Oak Park Press, 1984. (60) pp. 2 1/8″ x 2 7/8″. Colophon: The publisher is indebted to Jack Stewart for his scholarly paper on the literature of baseball delivered to the Wichita Bibliophiles on January 3, 1981. The material here presented was largely gleaned from Mr. Stewart’s research. The book has been printed by letterpress, and was designed, printed and bound by Jim Yarnell. The edition is limited to 350 copies of which this is number 29, signed by Jim Yarnell. Introduction by James Yarnell and hand colored illustrations by Bill Jackson. Bound in orange cloth with pink end papers. Title stamped in gold on the front cover and spine. B20th 4.

Aesop. The Fox and the Crow. Wichita, KS: Oak Park Press. James Yarnell, 1986. (6) pp. 2 1/4″ x 2 15/16″. Colophon: Aesop wrote this fable and scores of others before 500 B.C. Thomas Bewick of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England, cut 90 wood engravings around 1800 to illustrate a now-famous edition of the fables. Jim Yarnell printed this one example as a keepsake for the members of the Miniature Book Society, assembled for its Conclave IV at Washington, D.C. in the late summer of 1986. B20th 5.

Yarnell, Jim. The Greatest of E’s. Wichita, KS: The Oak Park Press, 1985. (88) pp. 2 7/8″ x 2 5/16″. Printed letterpress, gilt leather. Illustrations. 300 copies. B20th 6.

Yarnell, Jim. B is for Broadway. Wichita, KS: Oak Park Press, 1988. (62) pp. 2 7/8″ x 2 3/8″. Letterpress, gilt cloth boards. Edition of 200 copies. B20th 7.