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Miniature Artifacts and Objects in the Charlotte Smith Collection

Deck of 52 playing cards. Germany or Switzerland, ca. 1880s. Each card .7x.5″, printed in color. Fine details on face cards. Box to contain the card printed brown/cream paper. Miniature 19th century deck, in original open box.  Gift of Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, 2010.

Framed Miniature Alphabet. Gold-painted wooden oval frame. Alphabet is approximately 1/16″ square on white paper. Frame measures 2 1/2″ x 2 7/8″.

Matchboxes. Set of two leather-covered matchboxes shaped like books. Navy blue leather with gilt decorations. 1 3/8″ x 1 7/8″. These books from the collection of Fred James, Jr. are the gift of Fritz James.

Charm, gold plated book. Copenhagen: L.A. Ovesen, jeweler. 2 pp. 3/4″x 1/2″.
3/32″ thick, on with gold link.

The Birthday Daisy Chain. Bavaria: E.P. Dutton and Co., nd. 2 7/16″ diameter.
In a round box. Inside a daisy chain of 12 colored pictures as the centers of white daisies.

Shaped Like a Book. Carved from wood.

Olso-Norge. 8 pp. 1 1/8″ x 1 1/16″. A book of accordian-folded colored views of Oslo with leather front, metal spine and back. Attached to a key chain.

Metal Box Shaped Like a Book. n.d. 1 15/16″ x 1 ½”.
Inserted into top cover is round photograph of Lourdes La Basilique. Raised stamped designs front, black and spine.

Metal Photo Album Locket. c.1900. 8 pp. 15/16″ x 3/4″.
Contains accordian fold of 8 tiny photographs. Silver plated with some brassing. Metal covers with hinge, clasp, and eyelet.

The Lord’s Prayer. Engraved on a sterling silver disc.

Speakeasy Book. Contains a wooden box shaped like a book with a secret compartment with The Legislative History of Prohibition, a concealed gift bottle of French Brandy, a wooden trap with a little book inside entitled  The Whiskey Drinker’s Companion. Lakeville, CT: Pocketknife Press, 1985.
#8 of 100 signed by Seymour.

Silver Plate Locket. London, England, 1851. 1″ x 3/4″.
8 Miniature photographs in decorated silver-plate locket in the shape of a book. Photos hinged onto 3 leaves. With a clasp and ring. These are photographs of paintings and a famous statue of Jean D’Arc at the French exhibition at the Crystal Palace (the first World’s Fair). They are albumen prints and were sold as remarkable examples of miniature photography and as souvenirs of the Fair. Very rare.

Silver Locket. 1/2″ x 1/2″ (including the hinge).
A silver locket in the shape of a book. Intricately designed etching on cover includes the word “silver”. Opens to reveal a single silver leaf attached with “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself” on one side and “Do unto others as you would be done by” on the other side. Space for tiny pictures on the inner sides of the covers. Snaps closed with tiny clasp and has a ring to hang it from a chain. Unusually attractive.

The Last Two Swallows. Souvenir of New Orleans, LA: n.d. 2 3/16″ x 1 3/4″.
3/4″ thick with metal fastener containing two tiny bottles, one labeled Brandy, the other, Scotch, with little striped glasses over the corks.

Jig Saw Puzzle. Hard pages break apart to form a puzzle.

Two key rings from Heraklion, Crete. One has a Evzone soldier on the front and the other a floral design.
Heraklion, Crete. A key chain with Evzone soldier in front of a golden gate, with swing-out pages for addresses and names. 2″ x 1 1/16″.
Heraklion, Crete. A key chain with floral design on front and back cover with swing-out pages for addresses, names, and telephone numbers. 1 13/16″ x 3/4″.

Key Ring attached to views of London, bound in red leather, stamped in gold. 1 1/4″ x 1″.

B Mipe Xibothbix. Book on a key chain, 1984. 1″ x 1″.
Contains fold out pages with dog pictures. In a plastic box: green bottom and clear lid.

Two key rings: Venezia. With views of Venice.
One with a winged lion cut out in metal and embossed on the front cover. The other with a view of St. Mark’s Tower on the front. Both have metal back covers with an embossed design, and each has different views.

Key ring with views of London.

Gruss Vom Rhein. Key ring with views of the Rhine.
With 8 fold-out views of the Rhine in a metal book-like case about 1 inch square. Title stamped in gold on leather cover. Has a metal clasp.

Romantischer Rhein. Key ring with views of the Rhine.
With 8 fold-out views of the Rhine in a metal book-like case about 1 inch square. Title stamped in gold on leather cover. Has a metal clasp.

Key ring with views of Novogorod.

Key ring with views of Leningrad.

Key ring with views of Kiev.

Key ring with views of Espana. 1 1/8″ x 1″. With 10 views.

Key ring with views of Barcelona. 1 3/8″ x 1 1/4″. With 8 views.

Key ring with views of Sevilla. 1 1/8″ x 1″. With 10 views.

Key ring with views of Chateaux de la Loire. 1 1/16″ x 1″. With 10 views.

Plurality, bookmark

Stamp Holder with advert. The Travelers Insurance Company. Hartford, CT:

Collins, Evron S. A crocheted bookmark.

Rose Bowl Book Mark. Pasadena. Metal with rose flower.