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Netherlands – Dutch Presses

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Described on this page are copies of miniature books in the Smith Collection published by a press in a country other than the United States.

Dutch Presses

Evangeline de Norte Seigneur Jesus Christe Selon Saint Matthieu. Haarlem, Holland: Jean Enschede, 1900.

Boethius, Ancius Manlius. De Consolatione Philosophiae, Libre V. Cum Praefatione P. Bertii. Joann. Blaeu, 1668. 212 pp. 3 7/8″ x 2 3/8″. This is Boethius’ most famous and important book, and one of the early printed books in small type at 30 lines to a page. Includes pictoral title-page, and long preface. Binding is worn and rubbed, with cracked hinges. Text in clean, good condition without any foxing or stains. The page corners are slightly rounded.

Looman, Jacob, Johannes Schot, and Abraham Van der Putte. Psalmen des Propheten Davids. Amsterdam, 1688. Real tortoiseshell binding.

Langenschiedt’s Lilliput Woordenboek, Nederlands Engels.

Stevenson, Adlai and Alice Horodisch-Garman. Cat Bill. [Veto 1949]. Amsterdam: Alice Horodisch-Garman, 1971. 48pp. Privately printed in 250 copies. Booklest have never been for sale, so they were never numbered. Calligraphy and drawings by Alice Garman. Alice Garman was married to Abraham Horodisch, one of the great Amsterdam booksellers.

Van Den Berg, Ger and Erik Schots. Licht en Schaduw. Holland, 1985. 2 ½” x 2 3/8″. Fifteen different wall shadows made with the hands are allustrated in this unusual little book by Ger van den Berg and Erik Schots. Mint in black felt-covered wrappers with silhouette on the front cover.

Not found as of November 7, 2006:

Twenty Third Psalm. Haarlem, Holland: Joh. Enschiede en Zonen, 1965. 28 pp., 3 5/8″ x 2 5/8″. #23 of 14,000. Illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Dedicated to Tasha Tudor’s second husband, Allan John Woods.

The Twenty Third Psalm. 2nd ed. Joh. Enschiede en Zonen, 1975. Full green calf, gilt. Colored dust wrapper new issue. No dedication inscription for Allan John Woods.

The Night Before Christmas. Haarlem, Holland: Joh. Enschiede en Zonen, 1962. Edition 23 of 1,200 copies. Red cloth, gilt, A.E.G. in same dust wrapper as leather.

The Night Before Christmas. Haarlem, Holland, Joh. Enschiede en Zonen, 1962. Edition 23 of 15,000 copies. Full red calf, gilt, A.E.G. colored dust wrapper.

Weber, Francis J. California on United States Postage Stamps. Haarlem, Holland: Joh. Enschiede en Zonen, 1975. Donator’s copy (not part of the St. Onge collection). Edition of 1500 copies.