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Records of the Iowa Print Group
RG 06.07.02
Collection Dates: 1947 - 2008

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Acquisition and Processing Information: This collection was donated by Virginia Myers of the UI School of Art and Art History in 2008. It was processed by Jeremy Brett in May-June 2010. A small additional accession was processed in July-August 2011.

Photographs: Slides in Box 5









Scope and Contents

This collection contains records from and relating to the Iowa Print Group - the renowned printmaking program within the University of Iowa's School of Art and Art History. Included in the collection are correspondence, documentation of departmental finances, records relating to the IPG's annual Travelling Show and other exhibitions, and IPG annual and biennial reports, among other materials.

Historical Note

The printmaking program has been an active component of the UI School of Art (later the School of Art and Art History) for many decades. It was initially established by Argentina-born artist Mauricio Lasansky. Lasansky came to the United States in 1943, with a Guggenheim Fellowship to study printmaking at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Printmaking was undergoing a significant renaissance at the time, with the emphasis shifting to new technical and stylistic approaches. During the 1940s, fresh spins on old techniques, especially involving intaglio, elevated the original handmade print to a new status that encouraged purchases by museums and private collectors. Lasansky, though experienced with a wide variety of printmaking techniques, was captivated by the intaglio process and dedicated his career as an artist and as a teacher to expanding the aesthetic possibilities of that technique.

In 1943, Lasansky was hired as an art professor at the University of Iowa. He promised the departmental chair, Lester Longman, that if Longman would give him four years, he would make Iowa's printmaking program the best in the United States. Longman took Lasasnky up on the challenge. Through his New York connections, Lasansky was able to organize exhibits of his and his students' work at prestigious museums. When World War II ended, and masses of veterans began attending college under the G.I. Bill, many enrolling at Iowa signed up as printmaking majors. Many former students went on to establish similar programs and departments at other colleges and universities. This helped to further lift the stature of intaglio printmaking at schools and universities as well as at museums and galleries.

The Iowa Print Group was, and is, notable for its commitment to active artistic practice. As Virginia Myers, one of Lasansky's students and later a professor herself in the IPG, put it, "The early successes of the Iowa art program depended entirely on this idea to hire active professional artists as faculty teachers." Lasansky was devoted to establishing a group ideal among his faculty artists and his students, understanding that any artistic movement depends on the work and inspiration supplied by many different creators. Hence, the designation of the department as the "Iowa Print Group".

Lasansky retired as director of the IPG in 1985. He was succeeded by his student Keith Achepohl.

Today, emphasis is placed on teaching students about significant historical print concepts and helping them discover new ways of adding to the printmaking tradition. Students also learn about artistic self-analysis through group and individual critiques. Required course work in intaglio and relief, lithography, monotype, paperworks, and foil-stamping is supplemented by annual seminars that focus on such topics as preparation for professional life, issues in print history, theory, and technical considerations. National and international visiting artists invited to the department bring diverse styles that complement the teaching and images done by the printmaking faculty.

The University's tradition of exhibiting graduate work has led to prints in juried shows throughout the United States and abroad. Group exhibits of student work often are sent to other schools on an exchange basis. Faculty work is exhibited regularly in juried national and international exhibitions, and some are permanently placed in some of the world's major museums. The IPG is regularly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the top printmaking department in the nation.


Related Materials

LASANSKY, MAURICIO, 1914-. Papers of Mauricio Lasansky. 0.25 ft.
Professor, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, from 1945 until 1986.  Well-known for intaglio printmaking.  Biography and photographs of his prints.  RG99.0030.  (Finding Aid)

Records of the School of Art and Art History. RG 06.07.01 (Finding Aid)

Box Contents List

Box 1

Annual and Biennial Reports, 1960 - 1965

Art Forms Programs, n.d.

Articles, Reviews, Advertisements re: IPG Faculty and Students, 1959 - 2007, n.d.

Artists: Makouchi, Munio; Marks, Claude, n.d.

Artists: Matthews, Wanda, 1953 - 1960, 1982, n.d.

Artists: Matthews, Wanda: Exhibitions, 1958 - 1963, 1982 - 1983

Artists: Richards, Jeanne Herron, 1952 - 1959

Artists: Rush, Andrew, 1956, 1959 - 1960

Artists: Smith, Moishe, 1955, 1961, 1965, 1972 - 1975

Artists: Steward, Donn, 1950 - 1954


Budget and Equipment Committee, 1973 - 1974, 1976

"The Care and Display of Prints", n.d.

Class Evaluations by Students [Anonymous], 1947 or 1948

Class Evaluations by Students [Anonymous], Spring 1949

Correspondence: Lasansky, Mauricio - David Taylor and Guadalajara/Specialists Grant, 1962 - 1963

Correspondence: Lasansky, Mauricio - Exhibition Judging, 1955, 1958, 1962, 1966

Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1948, 1952 - 1958, 1961 - 1962, 1965 - 1966, 1969 - 1970, 1974 - 1978, 1980 - 1982, 1985 - 1992, n.d.

Correspondence: Miscellaneous from Museums, Collections, Art Galleries, 1949 - 1968, n.d.

Correspondence: Myers, Virginia, 1958 - 1961, 1967 - 1976

Correspondence: Myers, Virginia, 1977 - 1992, n.d.

Correspondence: Print Sales, 1955 - 1962

Correspondence: Print Sales, 1963 - 1966

Exhibition Summary Report, 1959 - 1960

Financial: Budget Reports, 1969 - 1978 (Incomplete)

Financial: Departmental Ledger, 1957 - 1958, 1961 - 1970 (Incomplete)

Financial: Departmental Ledger, 1961- 1966

Financial: Lithography Budget, 1983 - 1991

Financial: Scholarship Fund Record, 1959 - 1966

Foil Imaging (Virginia Myers), 2006, n.d.

Foil Imaging Workshop, 2003, 2006, 2008, n.d.

IPG Departmental Biography, 1956 - 1965

Lasansky, Mauricio - Vita and Farewell Correspondence, 1983 - 1984

Myers, Virginia, 1971, 1977 - 1979, 1981 - 1982, 1984, n.d.

Papermaking, 1986 - 1989

Papermaking: Arjormari-Prioux Paper, 1966 - 1977

Papermaking: Papermaking Workshop (Takeshi Takahara), 1978 - 1979

Plate Lithography, n.d.

Printmaking Requirements for Degree, 1975, n.d.

Seminar Lists, 1974, 1978, 1980

Shows: Blake (William) Exhibition, 1961

Shows: Correspondence on Entry Fees and Irregularities, 1958 - 1962

Shows: Correspondence on Entry Fees and Irregularities, 1963 - 1967

Shows: International Print Show, 1955

Shows: Invitations/Calls for Entries to Exhibitions, 1986 - 1990, n.d.

Box 2

Shows: IPG Travelling Show, General - 1983, 1987 - 1988, n.d.

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1950-1954), 1948 - 1954

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1955-1956), 1954 - 1956

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1956-1957), 1955 - 1957

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1957-1958), 1957 - 1958

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1958-1959), 1957 - 1958

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1959-1960), 1958 - 1960

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1960-1961), 1958 - 1961

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1961-1962), 1960 - 1962

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1962-1963), 1962 - 1963

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1963-1964), 1962 - 1964

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1964-1965), 1963 - 1965

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1965-1966), 1964 - 1966

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1966-1967), 1965 - 1967

Shows: IPG Travelling Show - Canada, 1966 - 1967

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1967-1968, 1968-1969), 1968 - 1969

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1969-1970), 1968 - 1970

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (1987-1988), 1986 - 1988

Shows: IPG Travelling Show (Spring 1989), 1988 - 1989

Shows: IPG Travelling Show - Canada, 1966 - 1967

Shows: IPG Travelling Show - Germany and Italy, 1961 - 1964

Shows: IPG Travelling Shows - Various, 1990 - 1991

Shows: Prints Received for Various Shows, 1959 - 1965, n.d.

Shows: Student/Alumni Shows, 1949 - 1971

Shows: Student/Alumni Shows, 1972 - 1976

Shows: Student Shows, 1977 - 1996, n.d.

Shows: Student Shows - Pratt Graphics Center Show, 1972 - 1973, 1976

Shows: Various Exhibitions, 1961 - 1963, 1988, 2001, n.d.

Students Receiving Grants and Fellowships Lists, 1948 - 1965

Syllabi: Foil Shaping I & II (1997); Undergraduate Intaglio & Relief I (n.d.)

Veterans and Class Procedures/Supplies, 1948 - 1956, n.d.

Visiting Artists/Lecturers, 1985 - 1990

Woodcut Repair Demonstration, 1991

Box 3

Print Card File [cards containing images of prints made by students/alumni as well as information about the works]

Achepohl - Eurard

Box 4

Print Card File

Fidler - Kruse

Box 5

Print Card File

Lambros - Tyler


Slides of prints from J.L. Ochs, dates various

Folder 1

Oversized Materials:

Poster for Exhibition at Iowa Hall Gallery, Kirkwood Community College - Virginia Myers: Silver, Gold and Foil Imaging, 1966-2002, 2002

Encapsulated News Article from The Jersey Journal on IPG Alumnus Kelly B. Darr (inscribed by Darr), May 23, 2003