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Shambaugh Family Papers:
Inventory of Photographs

RG 99.0152

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries upon the death of Mrs. Shambaugh. Guide posted to Internet: May 1998; revised 2006 and 2008.

Photographs: As noted below









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Box Contents List

The following inventory was prepared in 1980 by Mary Bennett as part of her inventory of the larger collection of Bertha M.H. Shambaugh photographs held by the State Historical Society of Iowa. This portion of Bennett's inventory describes only those materials held by the University of Iowa Department of Special Collections.

BFS = Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh
BMHS = Bertha Maude Horack Shambaugh

The most significant holdings at the University of Iowa include the following boxes:

19 -- 26 Photographs in the House Books, vol. 3 -- 36 (see volume/page index of photographs in these books or an alphabetical list of photographs of non-family members in all series)

27 -- 28 Photograph Record, vol. I and vol. II (see index to these volumes)

Box/ Folder

34:14 -- 15 Amana photos. See also PA 57 for Shambaugh Amana photos

36:14 European Trip photos, 1910

37:1 European Trip photos, 1910

39:19 Photograph place cards, some autographed and dated

42:1 BFS (18 photos). Includes BFS in boat (#22.1) with note BMH ph't'g'r." Also another note about 100 copies of BFS with book (#52.12 -- 52.14)

42:2 BFS, University Battalion (6 photos)

42:3 BMHS (4 photos): in Amana costume (#49.20); Wearing black lace collar, wedding day? (#49.13); with specimens at Iowa City High School (#35.1); with her 5x8 tripod camera (#49.2)

42:4 BMHS's creations (5 photos). Corn folk dolls, pine cone stork, wimpus, etc.

42:5 Class of 1892 (S.U.I.): (14 photos in album, some are cyanotypes), no one easily recognizable, maybe BFS; Reunion of 1892 class in 1912 at Shambaugh house, BMHS standing on porch in background.

42:6 Friends, ca. 1890s (8 photos): Pi Beta Phi sorority group at BMHS home, ca. 1890 -- 1891 (names given); Edna McElrary (sic); Picnic group; Classmates of BFS at Iowa City Academy; Pi Beta Phi picnic, backs of. women's skirts, includes Katharine Horack

42:7 Groups including BFS and/or BMHS (11 photos): BMHS with niece, Katharine Horack; with Harry Kelly, Jessie Speer, and BFS (# 51.1); with Pi Beta Phi, ca. 1890, photo by Werts; BMHS and BFS at State Quarry with Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bicknell, 1899; BMHS with her camera at Pi Beta Phi picnic, BFS in uniform at left, 1892 (#49.3); BMHS with Pi Beta Phi sorority in Irving Hall, ca. 1890; with Pi Beta Phi at Linder's boathouse, Bertha at far right, 1890 (122.3); with Pi Beta Phi sorority and members of Iowa Battalion, seated on ground, ca. 1890; BFS at Commonwealth Conference with Henry Wallace

42:8 The House, Shambaugh house exterior, in winter

42:9 House Guests, All portraits, none of BMHS, Includes photo of Grand Duke Alexander at house, January 14, 1929

42:10 Iowa City and Johnson County (7 photos and 1 negative): Joseph Alt, who built rail fence near North Liberty, BFS and BMHS visited him when researching claim associations (nitrate negative); William Musser, profile at sunset;Terrell Mill and Dam, photo by BMHS (#046.2); Black couple and oldest house "No Place Like Home"; Mechanic's Academy, "very few actual prints in existence, taken with my old 5x8 camera" photo by BMHS (#18.1)

42:11 Miscellaneous (13 photos): Includes photos of C. B. Robbins baby, flowers, possible photo of Katharine Horack Dixon as baby on front porch of Horack home, baby, etc.

42:12 Old Capitol (15 photos and 1 negative): Lecture room in Old Capitol where BFS first taught, January 1896 (photo and negative) (#20.2); Old Capitol in winter (mounted with above photo) (#20.1); other views of Old Capitol, not taken by BMHS

42:13 People, University related (3 photos)

42:14 Josiah L. Pickard and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (5 photos)

42:15 Shambaugh family relatives (3 photos): Pennsylvania home of Mrs. Beecher, cousin of Benjamin Shambaugh

42:16 University of Iowa (8 photos): Zetagathian-Hesperian Hall, 1890 (#21.2); Irving-Erodelphian Hall, January 1890 (#21.3)

42:17 Vacation (3 photos and 1 negative): Reference to revival of pottery in Southwestern U.S.

47: 1 BFS Photographs: many travel photos and a few standard portraits

47:2 BFS Photographs and Negatives: mainly travel photos

47:3 BFS Photograph Negatives: all travel except one negative of BFS reading in mother's rocker (#52.41)

47:4 BFS and BMHS Photographs

47:5 BFS and BMHS Photographs and Negatives: includes BMHS and H. Claude Horack at Harvard and travel photos

47:6 BFS and BMHS Photograph Negatives: mainly travel photos

47:7 BFS and Others, Photographs

47:8 BMHS Photographs: almost all travel but also includes photo of BMHS seated in hallway with pillows (#49.17), portrait as a teacher, and in tennis outfit (#49.11)

47:8 BMHS Photographs and Negatives: mainly travel photos

47:9 BMHS Photograph Negatives: mainly travel photos

47:10 BMHS and Others, Photographs

47:12 Miscellaneous and Unidentified Photograph Negatives: 55 negatives without prints, all appear to be nitrate-based film. Includes travel photos, portraits of nieces and nephews, commencement photos and photos of the house.

48:1 Miscellaneous and Unidentified Photographs: 65 photos of trip to Mexico and other travel photos. Also a few photos of the house.

48:2 Miscellaneous and Unidentified Photographs: 35 photos of trip to Mexico and other travel photos; also a good photo of Horack family group, ca. 1914; Shambaugh house photo; Political Science Club anniversary cake; Katharine Horack Dixon as a baby on steps of a house; half-tone of BMHS in Amana costume; and an excellent original of the Old Capitol classroom where BFS first taught, January 1896.