• Changes in Libraries’ services and hours

    When campus libraries reopen on Aug. 17, services will resume in phases. To begin the semester, the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the Main Library, and the Sciences Library will allow building access […]

  • Creative Coding and Reparations: A Final Reflection

    There is a question I’ve continually returned to over the past eight weeks. What is the relationship between the past and the present? When someone thinks of reparations, the first question that might come to mind could be, what is […]

  • My Experiences with the Summer Digital Fellowship

    For my summer digital fellowship, I proposed to work on my research – “gender differences in imprisonment with an analysis of state-level and overtime data.” In this blog posting, I would like to share my experiences and […]

  • Before the Vote: Black Women’s Political Activism in Iowa

    This post by IWA Graduate Research Assistant Heather Cooper is the seventh installment in our series highlighting African American history in the collections of Iowa Women’s Archives and other local repositories. The series ran […]

  • Reflecting on the experience of creating a visual argument

    Humanities scholars traditionally explain their arguments through text written form, and they use visual effects as evidence to support the written argument. Nathan Yau argues that […]

  • 3D Modeling Project Thoughts and Reflection

    In my initial blog post, I reflected on finding the balance between artistic and academic digital reconstructions, hoping to engage with the topic more closely throughout my project, and I am rather pleased with how it turned out. It is […]

  • Reflecting on my Studio Experience

    Although we still have a couple of weeks left of the Summer Studio Fellowship experience, I’d like to use this blog post to think through some of my overall takeaways from my time working on my project, which is a series of data […]

  • More on Discourse of Personal Control in Newspaper (1979-2019)

    As introduced in the last post, my project examines the discourse of personal control in published newspaper articles from 1979 to 2019. I am interested in 1) exploring the different life aspects in which people discuss sense of control […]

  • Medical Racism and Horror: A Virtual Reality Video Essay

    For this project, I’m working on a virtual reality video essay on the anti-Blackness and transphobia I have experienced in medical spaces, with the help of the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, and under the guidance of […]

  • Lessons Learned Doing Digital Work

    Thanks to the Studio Summer Fellowship, I have had a deeply meaningful scholarly experience and learned four lessons about digital work in the academy.     Lesson 1: Value Process Over Product My intention at the start of this […]


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