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Conservation & Collections Care is responsible for activities that relate to the care and handling of physical materials in circulating and non-circulating Libraries’ collections. The department also engages in education as well as disaster response planning and preparedness.

The conservation lab provides specialized treatment for all of the Library’s collections, advises on issues of collection storage and use, and manages the preparation and installation of all materials for exhibition. Collections care actives include environmental monitoring, commercial and in-house binding, book repair, and materials processing.  The department works with digital initiatives to provide consultation, assessment and preparatory services for rare items.

Gary Frost in the UI Libraries conservation lab circa 2000

Gary Frost in the UI Libraries conservation lab circa 2000

Department History

Bill Anthony sewing large book on wooden sewing frame at table

Bill Anthony sews large format book on sewing frame in UI Conservation Lab

Conservation at UI Libraries was founded by Bill Anthony in 1984, becoming a department in 1985. The Preservation Department was established in 1987, drawing together various preservation activities previously carried out in other departments. In the early 90’s Preservation and Conservation were merged into a single department led by Nancy Kraft until 2020. The Conservation and Collections Care Department emerged in 2021, with Giselle Simón as Department Head.

During his time at UI Libraries, Bill also taught the first bookbinding classes for the University of Iowa’s Center for the Book in the Library’s Conservation Lab. This combination service and training program was continued by

Pam Spitzmueller who was the Conservator from 1989 to 1998. Gary Frost, now Conservator Emeritus, held the position from 1999-2011.

Giselle Simón joined University of Iowa Libraries as Conservator in 2012.

Learn more about the William Anthony Endowment and the history of Conservation at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Pamela Spitzmueller holds a book with wooden boards and alum taw leather spine in front of bookshelfs

Pamela Spitzmueller, UI Library Conservator 1989-1998










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