William Anthony Conservation Lectures

The William Anthony Conservation Lecture Series is an annual lecture hosted by the University of Iowa Libraries Conservation Lab, supported by the William Anthony Conservation Fund.  Each year, a visiting Book and Paper Conservator is invited to present to the public at the University of Iowa Libraries. The lecture series began in 2013 and is a valuable event for the UI book arts community and beyond.

Pappband book cover

Pappband cutaway book model by Peter D. Verheyen


Peter D. Verheyen, Bookbinder & Conservator; Librarian, Syracuse University Libraries

“Down the Rabbit Hole: Embracing experience and serendipity in a life of research, binding practice, and publishing”

The 2021 William Anthony Lecture was held as a virtual webinar, free, and open to the public on September 30, at 6pm. The recorded event is available for viewing below.



Postponed due to Covid-19


Maria Fredericks, Sherman Fairchild Head of Conservation, Thaw Conservation Center, Morgan Library

“Evidence in Old Books: Identification, Interpretation, and Preservation”



Deborah Howe, Collections Conservator, Dartmouth College Library

“Old Books, New Books, and In Between Books: A Brief Look at the Path in Bookbinding and Conservation”



Mark Esser, Bookbinder, Conservator in private practice

“Book Binding Has Been Very Good to Me”



Barb Korbel, Collections & Exhibitions Conservator, Newberry Library

There and Back Again: A Conservator’s Tale”



Gary Frost, Conservator Emeritus, University of Iowa Libraries

“Great Legacy, Great Prospects — The Historical Bookbinding Model Collection at Iowa”



Adam Larsson, Conservator, University of Uppsala University Library



Pamela Spitzmueller, Conservator Emerita, University of Iowa Libraries, Harvard University Library

“Books as Physical Objects or How Conserving Damaged Rare Books and Manuscripts Inspired Me to Create New Book Objects”