New Binding of the Arion Press Bible

Old and New TestamentsThe Arion Press Bible is the first large folio presentation of the contemporary translation of the New Revised Standard Version. It is intended for liturgical use in church services as well as for the collections of individuals and libraries. It was designed by Arion Press publisher Andrew Hoyem and printed in 2000.

The New Testament was bound using methods and structure associated with the earliest codex binding in an era when books, both scrolls and codices, were made of papyrus. Use of this model is quite appropriate since the codex format was enthusiastically adopted by sectarians who subsequently became identified as Christians. The features of Coptic binding and the papyrus book that are illustrated by the New Testament Arion Bible binding include chain stitch sewing onto hand spun flax thread and inner board openings with papyrus cartonnage and endleaf. Other features include Coptic style endbands and a double cover of an underlying sewn board cover and outer wrapper cover.

Old Testament Closed Old Testament Open

The Old Testament was bound in calfskin using methods and structure associated with 16th century European bookbinding at the end of the era of books bound between wooden boards. The text is sewn on seven double cords as well as onto additional endband cords. A primary stitching secures the endbands through the folds of the text while a secondary stitching of colored threads provides the decorative effect. The finishing includes blind tooling of both boards and spine, accentuated by an underlying strapwork relief.

Project costs: $6,600