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Thesis Binding – Personal Thesis On-Demand Orders

University of Iowa graduates may have their theses/dissertations printed and bound through an online service provided by the HF Group by going to http://www.thesisondemand.com/ and following the instructions found there. Typically an “on-demand” thesis costs between $30-$45, depending on number of pages, color prints, pockets, and foldouts.

You may enter your credit card payment as well as appropriate shipping/billing addresses and HF Group will mail the finished product to you, directly

For Frequently Asked Questions, see http://www.thesisondemand.com/faq/

UI Circulating Collection Book Repair Manual 2004

Circulating collections repair manual for the UI Libraries then Preservation and Conservation Department, edited by Gary Frost.

Articles on Mold

Major and Minor Mold Outbreaks:  Summer of 2002, Public Library Quarterly v.25, no.3/4

Chlorine Dioxide: A Treatment for Mold in Libraries. Archival Products News, Volme 10, No. 3