Have a project you want to make a reality? The Creative Kick-Start is a program developed by the Engineering Library & the Engineering Technology Center for engineering students (undergraduate and graduate) to submit a proposal to receive funding for prototyping/finishing their projects using the services offered through the Creative SpaceEngineering Electronic Shop & Machine Shop.  The funds are provided by the Engineering Technology Center.

What to Do? 

  1. Think of an idea!  Student Information
  2. Identify a faculty or staff sponsor. Sponsor Information
  3. Fill out the Application!  (Deadline EXTENDED! Now Due Nov. 5, 2021)
  4. Pick up RedBox and Funds (December 6th-17th)
  5. Progress Reports (Due January 28th and March 11th)
  6. Create a poster
  7. Present your project at College of Engineering Annual Research Open House in Early April 2022.

2020 Award Winners

Hawkeye Head Holder, Multi-functional Compartmentalized Product Analysis Reactor, Next-Generation Stage Measurement at Ungauged Locations using IoT, Palate Pal, Sled-Pull Power Optimization for Athletes, The Attentive Scooper, Throat and Airway Simulator, and UCan!

2019 Award Winners

Air Chair, Asonus Tech, Body Betty, Car Turbo Jet Engine, Kineta, A Lyapunov-Based Control System for Path-Following WIPs, Optoshoulder, Patient Table, Rocket Bike, and The Root Canal Pal

2018 Award Winners

Acoustic Fire Suppression Device, The Bugle Chip, Convert Any Piano to a Player Piano, Irrigation Control System, The KnowGlobe, Metered Dose Sunscreen Device, Stable Eyes, The Talon Retractor, TSAT – Terrestrial Satellite Acquisition and Tracking, and What’s Behind the Pink Ribbon: Tackling Truncal Lymphedema

2017 Award Winners

3D Modeling an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Autonomous Robotic Boat, The Bandit, Desktop CNC Router/3d Printer Hybrid, Electronic Buccal Drug Delivery System, Gripping Neuropathy, The Little Jonny That Could: Providing Independence for Congenital Arm Amputees, Precision Landing System for Autonomous Aircraft, Smart Mirror, and T4 – Table Top Tension Tester