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  • It’s Student Appreciation Week!!

        Happy Student Appreciation Week!!!   We always rely on our students. They are the first faces seen when anyone comes into the library. Have a question? Ask them – if they don’t know the answer they know to find it or who to ask. They shelve books so when you are looking for

  • It’s National Pencil Day!!

    March 30th is National Pencil Day!! I bet you don’t think much about the pencil when you think about picking it up and getting to work. Probably when it needs to be sharpened or when the mechanical pencil needs more lead, but most of us don’t think of the pencil often. It just is there.

  • Research Scholars Virtual Workshop: How to Get Your Research Published!

    Research Scholars Virtual Workshop! How to Get Your Research Published and Noticed! March 31, 2021 3:30 PM   You’ve put so much time and effort into getting your research ready to publish. What’s the next step? In this competitive market, how do you get your paper noticed? Come to our FREE […]

  • St Patrick’s Day Mecca Exhibit!

    By James Cox, Guest Blogger Reagan Mady, Exhibit Curator       University of Iowa MECCA Week: A Week of Parties, Pranks, and Memories to Honor St. Patrick From 1910 until the late 1980s, MECCA Week was an annual celebration of the College of Engineering to honor St. Patrick. The celebration was […]