• Welcome Back, Engineers!

    We’re diving back into classes, so make some plans to dive into library events too! Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re up to this semester: Each month Research Scholars Workshops: Join us for […]

  • Snowflake Photography

    Snowflakes are tiny works of art, and the science of snowflake photography gives us a unique insight to that world. The man who developed snowflake photography was Wilson Alwyn Bentley, known in his […]

  • Snow Engineering

    Now that we have entered the snowy time in the year, we might as well embrace the snow. Although we may not see snow as a positive thing, there are many cultures that take advantage of its unique […]

  • Coast into Winter Fun

    You’re almost done with the semester, and soon you’ll have time to go outside and enjoy the snow. Have you ever thought about the history of sleds?  Sleds have a very long history, helping us to […]

  • Gingerbread Engineering

    Snow will soon be here and it’s time for wintertime traditions – which includes gingerbread creations! National Gingerbread House Day is December 12th. Early history of the recipe is hazy, and […]

  • Happy Native American Heritage Month!

    November is Native American Heritage Month, so let’s celebrate some Native American Engineers! Ely S. Parker (1828-1895) – Seneca, Civil and Military Engineer Born in 1828 on the Tonawanda Indian […]