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  • Get Ready for Girls in Aviation Day!

    This Sunday, September 23rd is Girls In Aviation Day! “Flying is so much more than just a quick way to traverse space. It’s freedom and color and form and style. I am at home in the air.” Amelia Earhart, Feb. 7, 1934, Christian Science Monitor.    In honor of […]

  • Register Now for the Creative Kick-Start Program!!

    Registration is now open for the Creative Kick-Start Program!    Hey students! Are you interested in giving your idea, project, or invention a kick-start? Want to make that project a reality? Registration is now open for the Kick-Start program! The Engineering Library, […]

  • New Learn & Create Workshops!!!

    Exciting New Create & Learn Workshops!! Wednesdays @ 1 p.m. We are happy to collaborate with the Engineering Technology Center, NEXUS and the Department of Music to present some exciting workshops! Workshops are free (but there may be an optional materials fee) and are on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 […]