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  • The Solar Eclipse – What, Where & How!

      I’m guessing you have heard a lot about the “Eclipse of the Century,” lately. And, you’ve no doubt heard that you shouldn’t look directly at the eclipse. But what […]

  • What’s Happening in the Lichtenberger Engineering Library?

    Lichtenberger Engineering Library Fall 2017 Newsletter Engineering Library 2016-2017 Year in Review Creative Space & Tool Library YouTube Video Channel Live Chat and Text Messaging Now Available! New Resources Subject […]

  • Our Year in Review!

    Check out this fascinating infographic highlighting our past fiscal year! We’ve had an exciting year and are looking forward to a great 2017-2018!!    &nbs […]

  • Relax & Enjoy The Tao of Statistics!

    For someone who did not do well in my college statistics course (read: I did not do AT ALL well….), The Tao of Statistics: A Path to Understanding (With No Math) sounded […]

  • Thanks for Air Conditioning!

    Yup, it’s July and the temperature is climbing. Time to head inside where it is cool and inviting. Thank heavens for that air conditioning! Ever wonder what they did before […]

  • Change the Color of Your Hydrangea? Not Magic – It’s Science!

    Did you know that you can change the color of a hydrangea from pink to blue? The color of the hydrangea bloom depends on the alkalinity or acidity of the […]

  • DIY Drone! What You Need to Know!

    Interested in learning more about drones? Ever thought about building your own? We have the resources you need!   The best place to start might be understanding what a drone is. Dictionary.com defines […]

  • Guess How Much Coffee Will We Serve – Win a Mug!

    GUESS HOW MUCH COFFEE!! How many gallons of free coffee will be consumed in the Engin Library May 8-13? Post your guess by Wed 6pm to win a mug! #uienglibcoffee! […]