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  • Extended Hours for Finals Week!

    It’s that time again – FINALS WEEK! Are you finding that you are having trouble concentrating when you try and study in your room? Too many distractions? The couch and TV or gaming system just too close? Or that nice, soft, comfy bed? Stop in – we have extended hours!    […]

  • Duct Tape & Rubber Band Engineering Exhibit!

    Most of us have a drawer, somewhere in our house, which contains all sorts of odds and ends. In my house it was always the “miscellaneous” drawer, others call it a “junk” drawer. Whatever you call it, I bet you have duct tape and rubber bands shoved in it – and maybe […]

  • Graduate Thesis Boot Camp!

    Free 2-Day Graduate Thesis Workshop! Presented by The Lichtenberger Engineering Library, College of Engineering, the Graduate College and the Hanson Center for Technical Communication! December 17th & 18th, 2018   Open to current engineering and computer science graduate students, Thesis […]