Learn and Create WorkshopsThe Learn & Create Workshops are designed for hands-on learning about tools and skills.

Fall 2022 Workshops

Soldering Basics, Build Your Own: LED Pendants

Fall 2021 Workshops

Soldering Basics, 3D Printing, Using the Cricut, Laser Cutting & Engraving with Glowforge

Spring 2021 Virtual Workshops

Soldering Basics, 3D Printed Keychains, Building Shake Flashlight

Fall 2020 Virtual Workshops

Creating Music & Visuals with MAX, Soldering Basics, Building Object Avoiding Robot, Building LED Pendants, Create PONG Game

Spring 2020 Workshops

Soldering Basics, Pop-Up Cards, Standards, Creating Citations, Poster Creation.

Fall 2019 Workshops

Library Overview, Patents, Soldering Basics, Company Information, Comprehensive Literature Reviews, Coding Music with Sonic Pi, Halloween Costume Design, Standards, Arduino Piano, Pop-Up Cards

Spring 2019 Workshops

Company Information, Pop-Up Cards, Standards, Soldering Basics, Patents, Poster Design, Building Arduino Piano, Creating Citations, Using OpenRefine

Fall 2018 Workshops

Standards & Patents, LabQuest Devices, Systematic Reviews, Building a Arduino Mini Piano, Halloween Costumes, Greeting Cards

Spring 2018 Workshops

Designing & Printing Circuit Boards, Creating Citations, Oscilloscope Basics, Patents & Standards, Multimeter Basics, LabQuest Devices, MATLAB, Poster Creation, Camtasia & Video Creation, Using OpenRefine