Have a project you want to make a reality? The Creative Kick-Start is a program developed by the Engineering Library & the Engineering Technology Centers for engineering students (undergraduate and graduate) to submit a proposal to receive funding for prototyping/finishing their projects using the services offered through the Creative SpaceEngineering Electronic Shop & Machine Shop.  We will be giving out 10 awards for $500 each which must be used in the Electronics and/or Machine shops.


What to Do? 

  1. Think of an idea!  Student Information
  2. Identify a faculty or staff sponsor! Sponsor Information
  3. Fill out the Application!  (Due October 25th, 2019).
  4. Present your project at College of Engineering 18th Annual Research Open House in April 2, 2020.

Changes to Creative Kick-Start due to Campus Closure (April 2020)

Due to the uncertain times, the following changes have been made to the final requirements for the Creative Kick-Start Project.  You may not be able to complete the projects by May due to not being on campus and the shops being closed.  The projects are not expected to be completed by May 14th, but we would like to have a final report of progress since November.

  1. Please download and fill out the final report and expense spreadsheet. Return to Kari Kozak by May 14th
  2. Please submit a poster presentation to Kari Kozak for your project by May 14th
  3. If you would like to continue to work on you project once things reopen, the funds will be available to you until Dec 31, 2020 or graduation – which ever comes first.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018-2019 Kick-Start Awards! 


Makerbots Electronic Shop







The funds for this project are generously provided by the Engineering Technology Centers.

Application Review Committee is Kari Kozak (Head, Lichtenberger Engineering Library),  Jeff Nock (Entrepreneur in Residence/Lecturer, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center), Spencer Stumpf (Inventions Manager,  UI Research Foundation), and Danny Tang (Chief Technology Officer, College of Engineering).

The Creative Kick-Start is derived from the concept created by Adobe Kickbox & remixed by Elon University Kickbox.