A flyer for Grupo LL with handwritten text, transcribed on the web page.

Grupo LL “¿Quienes somos?” flyer, 1994. Nancy V. “Rusty” Barceló Papers [RG99.0351], University Archives.

From the exhibit:

As with any community, needs and desires in the LGBTQ community vary widely, often along lines of intersecting identities. El Grupo LL was a student group that sought to support and address the unique needs of LGBTQ Latinx people. Founded in 1994 and active during the mid-1990s, the organization put on potluck dinners, held regular meetings, and hosted speaker receptions at the Latino Native American Cultural Center (LNACC). Today, the LNACC partners with the Pride Alliance Center on campus to continue building community at the intersection of LGBTQ and Latinx identities by hosting annual Queer Latinidad programming. 

Flyer transcript:

¡Atencion! ¿Quienes somos?

We are grupo “ll.” Latina y Latino women and men coming together to discuss issues dealing with the lesbian, gay and bisexual communidad.

¿What does it mean to be lesbian, gay or bisexual and Latino or Latina in today’s world?

Join us for open, safe, and frank discussion of such topics and others which concern all of us which belong to “el ambiente.”

Grupo “ll” was established in order to provide support, share resources, and create a sense of community for lesbigay Latinas y Latinos – all are welcome!