Building Our Own Community: 50 Years of the Latino Native American Cultural Center, Founded by Chicano and American Indian Students in 1971

“Carta de Iowa”

A typewritten poem by Arturo Ramirez. The words are in Spanish. The image itself has the words of the poem included in alt text format.

“Carta de Iowa,” Arturo Ramirez. Nahuatzen Vol. 1 No. 2, May-June 1972.

This poem is a brutally honest wish to be whisked away to a place that feels like home. The LNACC was born, in part, from feelings like these.

-Christopher Ortega, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, UI Libraries

Image text:

“Carta de Iowa”
Arturo Ramirez

Adonde esta el sonido de mi raza
Estoy esperando
para que me lleves
a mi barrio que me lleves
a mi casa.