Mural reproduction with a collage overlay of hundreds of photos of LNACC students and happenings over the years.

Mural, Latino Native American Cultural Center. Original by Manuel Unzueta, 1974.

In Building Our Own Community, a smaller reproduction of the original version of the mural was created using hundreds of photos from the LNACC over the years.

From the exhibition:

“Over the years, the mural began to show signs of deterioration. In 2001, a local artist was hired to restore the mural. However, while restoring it they altered the original in ways that had not been discussed beforehand, including changes in color and the removal of the original artist’s name and dedication (“To all our carnales, 1974”). These alterations were controversial because some community members felt that they changed the overall tone of the original mural.”

The updated version of the mural, which gave it a more toned-down look.

After the mural update. Latino Native American Cultural Center.