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The Wall of Worries from the Building Our Own Community: 50 Years of the Latino Native American Cultural Center, Founded by Chicano and American Indian Students in 1971 exhibition in the Main Library Gallery.

We hope that everyone can see a piece of themselves in these worries and so better understand these students’ points of view.

-Christopher Ortega, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, UI Libraries

Text from the images above:

Imagine being an incoming student and not only having to worry about your studies, but also feeling like an other on campus. You start to continually question yourself, and worries like these become the background music of your university experience.

Why am I here?

Should I leave?

Do I even belong here in Iowa?

Are there any other people here that look like me?

What do they think about me being here?

Will I ever feel comfortable here?

Can I do this?

Would I be more helpful at home, working and making money for the family?

Does anyone else here understand what I’m going through?

Should I have listened when my family warned me not to come?