Projectors in West Commons Classroom do not currently have audio. They also do not work with personal laptops; you must use the PC on the podium. If you need audio or to use your personal laptop, please contact Cassie Reed-Thureson to discuss available options.

We cannot accommodate special requests (additional software, computer certification, etc.) with less than 30 days notice.

All computers have the default ITC programs already installed, except Panopto, since it interferes with lockdown browsers for testing.

All computers are Windows based machines. We cannot accommodate other platforms.

Requests may take some time to appear on the calendar.

Each classroom consists of 25 computers and 50 chairs and an instructor’s station. Classrooms can accommodate 20 students at a time for testing.

Group Study 207C contains a projector and whiteboard. It seats 6.

The Learning Lounge consists of the two group studies and the two booths in front of the studies. Each study or booth has a 55” monitor equipped with Mersive Solstice software that allows users to wirelessly share the screens of their laptops or mobile devices by connecting using either a browser or the free Solstice app.

If you plan to serve food and drink at your event, you must request approval from Hardin Library in advance. Hot food will usually not be approved. Requester must arrange with library staff for extra tables, trash cans, etc if needed. If you are requesting catering, you must be there to meet them and if necessary, arrange for them to pick-up items (coffee urns, trays) at the conclusion of your event. Catering may not be delivered before 7:30am.



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