Hardin librarians offer a variety of education and instruction options. We are able to do one-on-one, small and large groups as well as course integrated and assignment based instruction.

Librarians will work with you to incorporate information management skills appropriate to the professional goals, class level and educational purpose of the course. We can tailor it to your specific classes or assignments. We can do demonstrations, lectures or hands-on sessions per your preference. We are flexible; we can do a 15 minute overview or an hour long how-to session.

We offer an array of classes through our Hardin Open Workshops series or you are welcome to request any of these classes for your department, a small group of interested people or even a one-on-one session. We are happy to come to you or you can join us here at Hardin.

If you require assistance with a specific reference or a research question please use our Consultation Form.

Please feel free to contact us to set up a session.