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Professional Basketball Players and Teams

BOLIN, MOLLY (1957- ). Papers, 1972-1997. 4 linear inches and audiovisual materials. Professional basketball player from Moravia, Iowa ; played for Iowa Cornets from 1978-81 and for San Francisco and Columbus (OH) teams until 1984.

IOWA CORNETS. Records, 1978-1997 and undated. 1.5 linear inches. Professional women’s basketball team that played in the Women’s Basketball League from 1978-1980.

PENQUITE, RHONDA. (19xx –). Papers, 1967-1998. 5 linear inches. Professional basketball player and coach. All-American college player. Played professionally for the Iowa Cornets and the New Mexico Energee. Head coach of women’s basketball at Oral Roberts University , 1986-1989.

College Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics

BENSON, MILDRED WIRT (1905-2002). Papers, 1915-2002. 1 linear foot. Journalist for the Toledo Blade and writer of the first Nancy Drew mysteries and other children’s series books.  Member of the State University of Iowa swim club, 1920s.

BURKE, N. PEGGY. Papers, 1965-1980 (bulk 1975-1977). 2.5 linear feet. Physical education professor and past president of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, 1976-1977.

FOX, MARGARET. Papers, 1930-2005. 10 linear inches. Faculty member, Department of Physical Education for Women at the State University of Iowa from 1949 to 1980.

GRANT, CHRISTINE (1936- )  Papers, 1952-2005 (bulk 1970-2005). 17.3 linear feet.  Faculty member and director of Women’s Athletics at The University of Iowa .

GREENLEE, GERALDINE.  Papers, 1945-2004.  7.5 linear inches.  Received her master’s degree from the Department of Physical Education for Women at the State University of Iowa in 1952.

JOHNSON, RUTH ASHTON (1933- ). Papers, 1971-1994 (bulk 1971-1978). 10 linear inches and audiovisual material. Physical education teacher. Includes papers of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) and fifteen audiocassette tapes of National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NWISC) and AIAW meetings, 1975-76.

ROUSE, MARY (1911- 2000). Papers, 1947-1992. 7 linear feet. Journalist who worked for the Office of Public Information at the University of Iowa.  Papers include files on the University’s Department of Physical Education for Women.

SPENCER, C. PAULINE (1898-1985).  Papers, 1920-1985.  2.5 linear inches.  An outstanding athlete, Spencer was the first female to receive an athletic letter at the State University of Iowa.  She later became a teacher and director of physical education for women at Omaha Technical School .

STRINGER, C. VIVIAN.  Oral history interview, 1997. Women’s basketball coach who brought the The University of Iowa team to national prominence during her tenure as head coach from 1983 to 1995.

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN. Records, 1919-1960s and audiovisual materials. The records are preliminarily arranged in six series: Administration, Facilities, Women’s Athletic Association (WAA), P.E. Major Council, World War II, Photographs, and Films.  The photographs have been digitized and are available as the UI Physical Education for Women digital collection.

Records, 1920-1975. 8.5 linear feet.

High School Sports

BERAN, JANICE A. (1931- ). Papers, 1975-1998. 2 linear feet. Professor in the College of Education at Iowa State University until her retirement in 1994. Manuscripts, reprints, speeches regarding the history of sports, and particularly the participation of women and African Americans in Iowa sports.

CUPLIN, MILLICENT MARY (1866-1950). Papers, 1889-1994 (bulk 1889-1905). 1 linear inch (1 volume). Mathematics teacher at East High School in Des Moines who initiated the school’s first football team.

FALB FAMILY.  Papers, 1959-2003. 3 linear inches. Primarily newspaper clippings pertaining to girls’ basketball at Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa.

FERGUSON, GLADYS MILLER(1881-1976). Papers, 1919, 1967, 1978. 6 items. Teacher and high school girls’ basketball coach from Mechanicsville, Iowa.

FULLER, RUTH BEARD (1907-  ).  Papers, 1925-2002.  2.5 linear inches. Memoir includes description of playing basketball for Mt. Ayr High School in the early 1920s.

(1956- ). Papers, 1948, 1967-1977 (bulk 1970-1974). 1.5 linear feet and audiovisual material. Member of the Adel ( Iowa ’s basketball, track and softball teams in the 1970s.

HEIN, GWENDOLYN JOHNSON(1911-). Papers, 1892-1997, 1.5 linear inches. Farm girl who played on Newhall High School girls state championship basketball team in 1927.

LONGCHAMP, SARAH ALIEN. (1911-1996). Papers, 1911-1997 (bulk 1924-1938, 1972). 7 linear inches. An early Iowa basketball player from Ida Grove, Iowa, who was elected to the Iowa Hall of Fame in 1972.

OLSON, MELBA GARDEMANN (1909-2000). Papers, 1916-1993, 5 linear inches. Benton County, Iowa, farm girl and teacher who played on Newhall High School girls state championship basketball team in 1927.

RUBEL, JANE CHRISTOFFER. (1955- ). Papers, 1971, 1993. 1 linear inch. Basketball player at Ruthven Consolidated High School who sued the Iowa Girl’s High School Athletic Union in 1971 to be allowed to play high school basketball after marrying and having a child.

STRUVE, LUCILLE SCHLOTTERBACK (1910-1938). Basketball jersey, 1927. Iowa farm girl who was a member of the 1927 Newhall girls’ state championship basketball team.

TALLMAN, JULIE LITCHFIELD. Papers, 1955-1995 (bulk 1961-1963). 6.5 linear inches and artifacts. High school and college golfer and musician, from Des Moines , Iowa

VAN HORN, ERNELLA. Papers, 1993-2001. 0.25 linear inches. The second of four generations of women in her family to play basketball in Iowa.

Photographs, 1905-1954. 4 items. Three photos of girls’ basketball teams (1905,1910, 1953/54) and one of female students (ca. 1906).

Recreational Sports

LEWIS, CATHERINE. Papers. 1995. 2 linear inches and 9 audiocassettes. Tapes of interviews with women softball players, quilters, hand spinners; photographs; and field reports prepared by Lewis for the Smithsonian Institution’s Festival of American Folklore.

NOBLE PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION. Photographs and papers, 1870s -1970s (bulk 1900-1920), 5 linear feet. Postcards and photographs of various Iowa subjects. Includes photographs of women in sport and recreational activities.

YWCA OF GREATER DES MOINES. Records, 1895-1995. 10 linear feet. Local chapter affiliated with the National YWCA in 1896.

Title IX

DODERER, MINNETTE (1923- ). Papers, 1944(?)-1992. 22.8 linear feet. State legislator from Iowa City , first elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1964.   For additional information on Title IX see also: Peggy Burke, Christine Grant, Ruth Ashton Johnson and other Iowa legislators.

GRANT, CHRISTINE (1936- )  Papers, 1952-2005 (bulk 1970-2005). 17.3 linear feet.  Faculty member and director of Women’s Athletics at The University of Iowa .