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University of Iowa enrollment chart, 1856-1942
Source: Office of the Registrar

Prep. – Preparatory Dept.
Nor. – Normal Dept. (later College of Education
L.A. – College of Liberal Arts
Med. – College of Medicine
Hom. Med. – College of Homeopathic Medicine
Dent. – College of Dentistry
Phar. – College of Pharmacy
Grad. – Graduate College
Eng. – College of Engineering
S.S. – Summer Session
Lib. Sch. – Library School
Nurses Med. – Nursing, College of Medicine
Nurses Hom. – Nursing, College of Homeopathic Medicine

Note: The University opened for classes in 1855, but the earliest available and official enrollment data document the 1856-57 school year.

University of Iowa enrollment chart, 1856-1942