Gustav Bergmann with students Gustav Bergmann's Austrian identity card

Far left : Prof. Gustav Bergmann with students, n.d., ca. 1960. Left: Bergmann’s Austrian identity card, 1935.

Bergmann fled Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938, joining the University of Iowa Department of Philosophy faculty the following year under the auspices of the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars. He is one of nearly 100 individuals who have participated in oral history interviews conducted for the University of Iowa Archives, Dept. of Special Collections. From the Papers of Gustav Bergmann (RG 99.0134).

The University of Iowa Archives’ oral history collection (RG 01.0006.001) contains the personal accounts and perspectives of selected individuals who have contributed in some way to the University’s life. Oral history interviews may convey personal insights in ways that complement other records. Transcripts and, in some instances, audio recordings of these interviews are available in the Department of Special Collections. Access restrictions may apply.

Two projects form the core of the oral history collection. One was coordinated in 1976-77 by James Beilman; the other in 1999-2001 by Linda Yanney. The links below offer further information about both projects, including access to transcripts:


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