To find a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation: Copies of theses and dissertations approved by the Graduate College are held by the University Libraries and may be searched using the University Libraries catalog, InfoHawk . Patrons may search by name of author, title, subject, or year of release. Electronic theses and dissertations approved since 1999 may be accessed through The University of Iowa’s institutional repository, Iowa Research Online, at

Titles approved between 1900 and 1950 are also described in: Edwards, Sarah Scott, comp. Theses and Dissertations Presented in the Graduate College of the State University of Iowa, 1900-1950. Iowa City: State University of Iowa, 1952. Titles listed in this work are arranged by subject and indexed by author. It is available online courtesy of the HathiTrust.

Theses and dissertations are shelved in several locations in the Main Library. Many related to specific disciplines are housed in departmental or branch libraries. Those housed in the Main Library and approved within the last 20 years are arranged by call number in the east stack area of the third floor. Those approved more than 20 years ago are located in Main Library Storage and may be retrieved by staff at the Service Desk.

To borrow a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation: Theses and dissertations circulate to UI patrons like other books. They are available to off-campus readers by way of interlibrary loan. To arrange for interlibrary loan, contact the ILL department of your home library. UI electronic theses and dissertations published online since 1999 may be accessed at Iowa Research Online.

To purchase a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation: UI doctoral dissertations approved since January 1, 1952 and electronic theses and dissertations approved since January 1, 2003 are available for purchase from Dissertation Express, a product of ProQuest.

To access titles in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database: Full-text access to all U.S. titles listed in ProQuest’s database, dated from 1861 to the present, is available at The database includes citations to works produced outside the U.S. as well.

Related materials at the University Archives: Theses and dissertations pertaining to the history of the University of Iowa are listed by subject in A Bibliography of the History of the University of Iowa. Originally prepared by Earl M. Rogers as a printed guide (University of Iowa Libraries, 1997), the online resource includes additions through the current year.

  • The School of Art and Art History Graduate Archive contains on-line representations of works of art by students who have attended the School’s graduate program. Works dated from 1963 to the present may be searched and viewed in this Iowa Digital Library database.
  • For an inventory of theses and dissertations written in the UI College of Education between 1933 and 1946 that pertain to elementary, junior high and senior high social studies programs, see: Reeves, Stanley B. Digests of Social Studies Theses at the State University of Iowa.
  • Titles of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are included in the commencement programs and official graduate lists, issued at the end of each term and maintained by the University Archives (RG 24.0001.001).
  • Undergraduate Engineering Theses (Engineering Bachelor’s Theses) in the University of Iowa Archives, 1905-1918. Included are titles pertaining to public works projects throughout Iowa that were designed and, in many cases, implemented by College of Engineering undergraduate students. These titles are available for research only in Special Collections (RG 10.0007.001).
  • Degrees Granted, Summary of. A statistical summary of all degrees conferred by the University of Iowa since 1847, listed by type of degree and including discontinued curricula. The list is updated annually by the Office of the Registrar.


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