Collections in the University of Iowa Archives are arranged by record group, or RG, number. Record groups are based on the collection’s function, office of origin, or format. For example, RG 02 encompasses student life, RG 14 pertains to the College of Law, and RG 30 consists of audiovisual materials. The University Archives has a total of 32 record groups comprising over 700 collections.

The following lists of record groups were established in July 1979 and revised in March 1987 and May 2005. Click on the link for more information about collections in that category.

To find collections in the Archives based on subject or type of record, go to our list of resource guides. Online collections featuring historic campus maps, early town and campus scenes and more may be found in the Iowa Digital Library. Previous editions of selected University of Iowa web sites, 2008 to present, are available from the Internet Archive.

Record Group by Name:

Record Group by Number:

RG 01: General Information and University History
Includes: staff and student directories, course catalogues, lectures, University Bulletin, and vertical files

RG 02: Student Life
Includes: student government, clubs and organizations, Phi Beta Kappa, newspapers, and yearbooks

RG 03: Faculty and Staff Organizations
Includes: Faculty Senate, American Association of University Professors, and the Triangle Club

RG 04: Governing Boards
Includes: Board of Trustees, the Board of Education, and the Iowa State Board of Regents

RG 05: Central Administration
Includes: Presidential papers and correspondence, Operations Manual, Office of the Provost, and committees

RG 06: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Includes: Office of the Dean, departments and programs, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and the International Writing Program

RG 07: College of Business
Includes: Labor Center

RG 08: College of Dentistry

RG 09: College of Education
Includes: University Elementary and High Schools

RG 10: College of Engineering
Includes: Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research

RG 11: School of Fine Arts

RG 12: Graduate College

RG 13: College of Homeopathic Medicine (inactive)

RG 14: College of Law

RG 15: College of Medicine
Includes: departments and programs, agricultural medicine, transportation safety, and Keokuk medical and dental programs

RG 16: College of Nursing

RG 17: College of Pharmacy

RG 18: Normal Department (inactive)

RG 19: Preparatory Department (inactive)

RG 20: External Services
Includes: Audiovisual Services, Extension and Continuing Education, Institute of Public Affairs (Iowa 2000), Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, and WSUI

RG 21: Libraries

RG 22: Summer Session

RG 23: Educational Development and Research
Includes: public information, child welfare research, international programs, University of Iowa Press, and the Institute of Urban and Regional Research

RG 24: Student Services
Includes: Office of the Registrar (including commencement programs and official graduate lists), the Iowa Center for the Arts, and the Iowa Memorial Union

RG 25: Finance and Business Operations

RG 26: Administrative Services
Includes: Museum of Art, residence halls, and Old Capitol

RG 27: Hospitals and Clinics
Includes: hospital school, UI Hospitals and Clinics, State Hygienic Laboratory, and Student Health Services

RG 28: Related Services
Includes: Military and wartime service, UI Alumni Association, intercollegiate athletics, and the UI Foundation

RG 29: College of Public Health

RG 30: Audiovisual Materials
Includes: Photographs, slides, motion picture films, audio recordings, video recordings

RG 31: Realia and Artifacts

RG 99: Papers of Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Associates

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