Above: This season’s greeting card was printed in 1983 and was the eighth in a series by Blackwell North America, Inc. Designed and handset by William Rueter, it was printed at the Aliquando Press in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . The wood engraving, “Windowsill,” was designed by G. Brender a Brandis of the Brandstead Press, Carlisle, Ontario, Canada.

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Scope and Contents: In addition to several nearly complete holdings of such private presses as Bird & Bull, Perishable, and Windhover Presses, Special Collections is also home to an array of private press ephemera that has been collected from incoming private press advertisements and mailings. The collection covers several decades, with the majority of the items dating to the last ten to fifteen years. The collection includes mailings, samples of forthcoming publications, broadsides, photographs, and correspondence from the private presses. New prospectuses and ephemera are added to the collection as they are received by Special Collections.


Above: By Bowne & Co., Stationers, an advertisement for A Rustic Tea: Being a Compilation of Traditional Recipes for Afternoon Delectation. The nine recipes in the book were selected by culinary historian Caroll Boltin and each is accompanied by “artistic style” borders popular in the 19th century.

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Private Press File Drawer List
Updated June 15, 2005

Above: The cover, introduction and colophon of a prospectus of the miniature books to be designed, printed and published by the Black Cat Press. The prospectus measures 3″ x 4 1/4″.


Abattoir Editions
Adagio Press
Adastra Press
Adrian Wilson
Ahsahta Press
Alabama, University of
Alcatraz Press
Aliquando Press
Allen Press
Allenholme Press
Susan Allix
Almquiest and Wiksell Press
Alpha Press
Amaranth Press
Amargi Press
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Library Association
Anachronic Editions (formerly Kenmore Press)
Christine M. Anderson
James B. Anderson
Anvil Press
Aralia Press
Arcadian Press
Arif Press
Arion Press
Armstrong Browning Libraries
Ars Libri, Ltd.
Art Institute of Chicago
Artichoke Press
Artist’s Limited Edition
Artworks Press
Roger Ascham Press
Ashen Press
Atelier Press
Athens Press
Auerhahn Press
Avenue Press


A notice of available editions from the Previous Parrot Press. The advertisement measures 17″ x 24″ and is printed on one side only.

Barbarian Press
Barcham Green Paper Mill
Barn Collections Press
Carol Barton
Basilisk Press
Battery Park Book Company (Irving Lew)
Baxter Society
Bay Park Press
Beaverdam Press
Belvedere Press
Bellevue Press
Belmond Independent Printing Service
The Private Press of Harold Berliner
Bertram Rota Limited Press
Charles Bevan
Bibliophile Drucke von Josef Stocker
Bieler Press
Bird and Bull Press
Black Cat Press
Black Mesa Press
Black Pennell Press
Black Press
Black Rock Press
Black Sparrow Press
Black Stone Press
Black Sun Press
Black Swan Press
Blackwell of North America, Inc.
Bliss Press
Blue Falcon Press
Blue Moon Press
Blue Wind Press
Book Arts Center of Wells College
Book Club of California
Book Club of Texas
Bookslinger Small Press Books
Bookworks, Conservation and Design
Bow and Arrow Press
Bowne & Co. Stationers
Boxwood Press
Brewhouse Press
Brewer and Hunt Press
Brighton Press
British Library Press
British Museum
Bronte Press
Brooding Heron Press
Brooklyn Publishers
Brown Ziggurat Press
Buckner Press
Burning Books Press
Buttonmaker Press


An advertisement from the Porcupine’s Quill Press for Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges, illustrated by Rikki.

Cabbagehead Press
Caddis Case Press
Cadmus Editions
Ken Campbell
Camel Press
Canonymous Press
Cape Goliard Press
Capra Press
Cat Island Press
Catfish Press (Edward Catich)
Caxton Club Press
Cedar Creek Press
Celnius Press
Celtic Press
Center for Book Arts
Chama Press
Chamberlain Press
Chanticleer Press
Chax Press
Cheap Street Press
Cheloniidae Press
Cherryburn Press
Chimaera Press
Circle Press
Clarion Publishing
Close-Grip Press
Coach House Press
Coffee House Press
Colby Press
Cold Mountain Press
Collectors Reprints
Simon Collines
Colorado College
Columbus Street Press
Confluence Press
Contemporary Art Forms (Santa Barbara, California)
Copper Beech Press
Copper Canyon Press
Corycian Press
Cowell Press (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Coyote Love Press
Crabgrass Press
Cracked Compass
Crepuscular Press
Cummington Press (Harry Duncan)
Maureen Cummins
Cuneo Press


Above: An advertisement by the Black Stone Press for a 1995 exhibition of Peter Koch’s work at the New York and San Francisco Public Libraries.

Dalrymple Press
Dangling Participle Press
Jordan Davies
Dawson’s Book Shop
De Golyer Library
Delos Press
John De Pol
Derrydale Press
Desert Review Press
Die Handpresse
Dim Grey Bar Press
Lyndsay Dobson Books
Doctor Generosity Press
Dodman Press
Doe Press
Doggeral Press
Doomsday Press
Dooryard Press
Double Elephant Press
Doubtful Press
Dov Press
Doves Press
Dragon Gate, Inc.
Dreadnought Press
William Drenttel
Dry Fio Bindery
Duende Press
Paul Hayden Duensing


The Easton Press
Ecco Editions
Edition Reese
Edizioni Ampersand Press
Elephant’s Eye, Inc.
Elephant’s Foot Press
Elizabeth Press
ELM Press
Elston Press
Elysium Press
EM Press
Empyrean Press
Engdahl Typography
Enitharmon Editions
Equinox Cooperative Press
Evanescent Press
William Ewert Publishers
Ex Ophidia Press
Excaliber Press
Eye of the Comet Press

A piece of ephemera from the Perishable Press.


Fameorshame Press
Farsighted Press
Curtis Faville
Phil Fedderson
Diane Fine
Fine Press
Fingernail Moon Press
Firefly Press
Firemark Press
Vincent Fitzgerald
Flatlands Press
Fleece Press
Flockophobic Press
Flying Fish Press
Flying Paper Press
Foolproof Press
Foolscap Press
Fort Juniper Press
Four Ducks Press
Four Zoas Press
Four Peaks Press
Franklin Press
French Publishing
Friends of Shakespeare Press Museum
Friends of Typography
Fulcrum Press
Future Press


Gaberbocchus Press
Garage No. Three Press
Garden Press
Joel Gardner
Gardyloo Press
Geary Press
Gefn Press
Gehenna Press
Gemelli Press
General Private Press (A-F, G-O, P-Z)
Genesis Publications
University of Georgia Press
La Ginestra Press
Jon Gilgen
David R. Godine
Gold Stein Press
Golden Cockerel Press
Golden Hind Press
Golgonooza Letter and Foundry Press
Good Book Press
Gorgas Oak Press
Goya-Girl Press, Inc.
Grabhorn Press
Grace Hoper Press
Granary Books
Granite Press
Gravel Press
Graywolf Press
Green Windows Press
Greenwood Press
Grenfell Press
Grey Spider Press
Grilled Flowers Press
Grolier Club Press
Roni Gross
Gutenberg Museum
Gwasg Gregynog Press


An advertisement from the Penumbra Press for Keeping the Night, a collection of poems by Peter Everwine.

Hammer Creek Press
Hand Papermaking Press
Hand Press
Harrison of Paris
Harsimus Press
Havilah Press
Hawk Press
Haybarn Press
Heavenly Monkey
Mary Heebner
Heisei No Shifu Press
Helikon Press
Joshua Heller
Heron Press
Heyeck Press
Carl Heyward
Hiersoux, Powers, Thomas Press
Hill Press
Paula Hocks
Rochelle Holt (Ragnarok Press)
Holiseventh Press
Holy Cow! Press
Homemade Books
Honeybrook Press
Horizon Press
Howling Coyote Press
Andrew Hoyem
Shelley Hoyt (formerly of Blackstone)
Huckleberry Press
Humanities Foundation Press
Bradley Hutchinson
Hyacinth Press


Ice House Press
Iguana Press
Imago Mundi
Impressions Workshop
Inanna Press
Incahoots Press
Incline Press
In De Bonnefant Press
Indian Mountain Press
Indulgence Press
INK-A! Press
Inky Parrot Press
Iowa City Press
Ives Street Press

A Valentine’s Day card from the Penumbra Press.


J.D. Grahame Cracker Press
Roger Jackson
Jacoby Press
Janus Press
Jargon Press
JHW Editions
Johnson Reprint Corporation
June Kelley Gallery
Jungle Garden Press
Junto Private Press


Kairos Press (see also W.T. Taylor)
Kaldewey Press
Kat Ran Press
Kelmscott Press
Kelsey Company Press
Lawton Kennedy
King Library Press
Kitemaug Press
Peter Koch
Konglomerati Press
Kutenai Press


A thank you note from the Blue Moon Press.

Labyrinth Press
Lakeside Press
Lucie Lambert
Landmark Press
Lanius Press
Lapis Press
Larkspur Press
Emily K. Larned
Julie Leonard
Letterpress Society
Leviathan Printing Establishment
Lewis Osborn Limited Editions
Libanus Press
Libra Press
Lilliput Press
Lime Kiln Press
Lime Rock Press, Inc.
Limited Editions Club
James Linden
Little Bird Press
Little Farm Press
Logan Elm Press
Lone Oak Press
A Lone Tree Press
Lord John Press


MCBA Press
Mad River Press
Maecenas Press
Magic Circle Press
Manoa Press
Manticore Press
Many Names Press
Margaret’s Press
Married Mettle Press
Meadow Press
Melville Press
Memory Press
Menhaden Press
Meow Press
Merrion Press and Desmond Zwemmer
Merrymount Press
Metacom Press
Midland House Press
Midnight Paper Sales Press
Milkweed Press
Miniature Editions
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Minnesota Outdoors Press
Minsky, Richard

M.K. Publishers
Monastery Hill Press
Montage 93 Press
Moonkosh Press
Lois Morrison
Mosaic Press
Mother Tongue Press
Moving Parts Press
Mudborn Press
Museum of New Mexico Press
Frances Myers
Mystical Places Press


An advertisement for The Three Bears by the Chamberlain Press.

Nadja Press
Norman Narotzky
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Naughty Dog Press
NDA Press
Nebraska Book Arts Center
Never Mind the Press
New Issues Press
New Mexico Press
New Overbrook Press
New Pyramid Press
New York Historical Society
New York State Small Press Association
Nexus Press
Nimbus Press
Ninja Press
The Night Heron Press
Nocturnal Canary Press
Nomad Press
Nonesuch Press
Nonpareil Press
Northwoods Press
Nouveau Press
Now it’s up to you Publications


Oat City Press
Oak Knoll Press
Occasional Works Press
Ocotillo Press
Officina Bodoni Press
Okeanos Press
The Old School Press
The Old Stile Press
Oldtown Press
Orchises Press
Ox Head Press
Oxingale Press


A broadside from the Perishable Press.

Paisano Press ( Balboa Island, California )
Palaemon Press Limited
PABA Gallery/ Photo Art Book Art
Pantheon Press
Paper Art
Paper Cloud Press
Parade Publications
Paradise Press
Parallel Editions
Paris Press
Parkgate Press
Pasdeloup Press
Passim Editions
Peacock Press
Pear Tree Press
David W. Peat
Penfield Press
Penmaen Press
Penmiel Press
Pennyroyal Press
Penstemon Press (Madison, WI)
Pentagram Press
Penumbra Press
People to People Press
Perdix Press
Perimeter Press
Peripatetic Press
Perishable Press
Perpetua Press
Persimmon Press
Petrarch Press
Pineapple Press
Plain Wrapper Press (now under Ex Ophidia Limited Editions)
Plantin Press
The Plough Press
Poet’s House
Poltroon Press
Polyeidus Press
Pomegranate Press
Poole Press
Poole Hall Press
Poote Press
Porcupine’s Quill Press
Posthorn Press
Potocki of Montalk
Prairie Grass (Materials from K. Merker)
Prairie Press (See Papers of Carroll Coleman, MsC 477)
Predatory Parrot Press
Press at Colorado College
Press in Tuscany Alley
Press of A. Colish
Press of Appletree Alley
Press of Arden Park
Press of Elfriede Abbe
Press of the Indiana Kid
Press of the Nightowl
Press of the Palace of the Governors
Press of Time
Press of the Woolly Whale
Press on Scroll Road
Pretentious Press
Previous Parrot Press
Robin Price, Printer and Publisher
Primrose Hill
The Printery
Printers Chapel of Santa Cruz
Private Press of Emily Woodard
Propolis Press
Protean Press
Pterodactyl Press
Purgatory Pie Press
Pynson Printers
Pyracantha Press
Pyramid Atlantic
Pyramid Press


An advertisement for Jesse Glass’s poem about a mystical lion. Printed by the Blue Moon Press of Glastonbury, Connecticut .

Quail Press
Quelquefois Press


Ragnarok Press
Rainmaker Editions
Raintree Press
Rampant Lions Press
Rara Avis Press
Rather Press
The Ravine Press
Rebis Press
Red Butte Press
Red Egypt Press
Red Hen Press
Red Hill Press
Red Howler Press
Red Hydra Press
Red Ink Productions
Red Ozier Press
The Restau Press
George F. Ritchie
Riverside Press
Rochester Folk Art Guild
Rocket Press
Roger Ascham Press
Rollin Milroy (see Heavenly Monkey)
Romney Press
Romulus Press
Roxburghe Press
Roycrofters Press
Rulon-Miller Books


S.F Johnson Press
Sandstone Press
Santa Susana Press
Achille J. St. Onge
Sasquatch Books
Bob Saueressig
Schifanoia Press
Schori Private Press
Susan Schwalb
Scolar Press
Scott Free Press
Scripps College Press
Sea Cliff Press
Sea Pen Press
Seamark Press
Second Coming Press
See-Through Books
The September Press
Serendipity Books ( Berkeley, California )
Shakespeare Head Press
Shalom Yehuda Press
Shanty Bay Press
Shay, Shea, Hseih, and Skjei
Shepherd’s Press
Shulamis Press
Silver Buckle Press
Simplemente Maria Press
Singing Bone Press
The Sixth Chamber Press
Skeleton’s Press
Slow Loris Press
Solo Press
Solmentes Press
Somesuch Press
Songs Before Zero Press
Joan Soppe
South Dakota Humanities Foundation
Southeastern Printing Company
Sparrow Press
SpeakEasy Press
Spiral Press
Spirit that Moves Us Press
Spoon River Press
Jered Sprecher
Spring Rain Press
Spurius Press
Bonnie Stahlecker
Stamperia Ampersand
Stamperia Valdonega
Stanbrook Abbey Press
Still Point Press
Stinehour Press
Stonehouse Press
Story Line Press
Strawberry Press
Street of Crocodiles Press
The Sub Rosa Press
Sumac Press
SUN/gemini Press
Sun Moon Bear Productions
Margaret Sunday
Sunflower Press
Sutton Hoo Press
Swamp Press
Sweet Pie Press
Sycamore Press
Symposium Press (Los Angeles, California)
Swallow Editions


The above “Bibliographic, Typographic and Politically Correct Wrapping Paper” is from Bird & Bull, and was created from ads for printers, lithographers, typefounders, bookbinders, and engravers from early 19th century Philadelphia City Directories. There are four designs, and each sheet of wrapping paper measures
11″ x 17″.

Tabard Private Press
Tamarack Press
Tamazunchale Press
Taurus Books
W. Thomas Taylor
Tern Press
Tetrad Press
Theodore Press
Thistle Hill Press
Thomas, Peter and Donna
Thornwillow Press
The Thorny Devil Press
Three Ravens Press
Terri Tibatts
Tideline Press
The Tiger Press
Timberline Press
Tiramisu Press
Toothpaste Press
Torch Press
Tragara Press
Treacle Press
Treasure Trove
Trianon Press
Tricia Treacy
Triangular Press
Trinity Press
Trovillion Press (Herrin, Illinois)
University of Tulsa
Turtle Press
Turtle’s Quill Scriptorium
Turkey Press
Tuumba Press
Twinrocker Mill (Paper Mill)
Two Pears Press
Two Rivers Press
Two Windows Press
Typographic Laboratory (University of Iowa School of Journalism)


Underwood Poetry
University Libraries, University of New York at Buffalo
University of California Press
University of Iowa Press
University of Virginia Press
Uphill Press
Urs Graf Verlag


A mailing and its envelope from the Perimeter Press advertising “Heading West,” a handmade book documenting a trip from the Mississippi to the West Coast.

Vamp & Tramp
Vergin Press
Very Graphics
Vincent FitzGerald
Visual Studies Workshop Press
Vixen Press


W & J McKay Limited
Walking Bird Press
Walrus Press
Warwick Press
Washburn Press
George Washington University
Water Row Press
Waterland Press
Waves Press
Wayside Press
Wayzgoose Press
WDG Publishing
Weaselsleeves Press
Weather Bird Press
Weinstein Studio
Westerham Press
Wide Awake Garage
Elizabeth Whiteley
White Rabbit Press
Whittington Press
Wild Carrot Letter
Wild Hare Press
William Blake Trust
Jonathan Williams
Winchester School of Art Press
Windell Press
Windhover Press
WindRiver Press
Wind of Change Press
Windmill Press
Wing and Wheel Press
Women’s Studies Workshop
Women’s Studio Workshop
Wooden Rabbit Press
Wooden Stone, A
Woodlawn Press
Wood Lea Press
Woodside Press
Works Editions
Wrongtree Press


Yellow Barn Press
Yolla Bolly Press


Janet Zweig

Above: Portions of A Sailor’s Fare, a book printed by Browne & Co., Stationers in 1994. The book was hand set and printed on an Albion press that was built in 1844 in London .