A list of film-related micro-fiche, micro-film and audio-cassette holdings (excluding journals) to be found in Main Library Media Collection (First Floor)

Compiled by Emily Golembiewski (1997).  Please report additions or corrections: lib-spec@uiowa.edu .

“The poetry and fiction of James Agee” (film 16095)

Andrew, James Dudley. “Alain Resnais” thesis (M.F.A. Columbia University) (film 12382)

Aristarco, Guido. “Storia delle teoriche del film, Nuova ed. completamente riv, e ample.” 1960. (film 14983)

Asheim, Lester Eugene. “From Book to film, a comparative analysis of the content of novels and the motion pictures based upon them.” (film 8352)

Bache, Claude V. “Selected problems of visual perception with application to the motion picture.” (film 6970)

Barnes, Walter (1880-). “The photoplay as literary art.” (moving picture plays library of Congress) (film 25991)

Baum, Lyman Frank. “The Wizard of Oz; play by L. Frank Baum, Music by… ” prompt book mimeograph copy, used by MGM in film production (film 19243)

Bayley, Roger Child. “Modern Magic Lanterns: a guide to the management of the optical lantern for the use of entertainers, lecturers, photographers, teachers, and others.” (film 25991)

Bloom, Samuel William. “A social psychological study of motion picture audience behavior; a case study of the Negro image in mass communication.” (film 11989)

Bragaglia, Anton Giulio. “Fotodinamismo futurists” (film 25991)

Breitrose, Henry S. “The Nation criticism of James Agee: attitudes and biases of a critic of films” (film 19343)

Burke, William Lee. “The presentation of the American Negro in Hollywood films 1946-1961; analysis of a selected sample of feature films.” (1965) (film 12279)

Casper, Joseph Andrew. “A critical study of the film musicals of Vincente Minnelli” (film 18943)

Chesler, Judd. “Toward a surrealist film aesthetic with an investigation into the elements of surrealism in the Marx Brothers and Jean Vigo” (film 24007)

“Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collection (1919-1949).” United Artists-Warner Brothers-Monogram Pictures, 37 reels. (film 28254)

Faulkner, William. “Mildred Pierce, screenplay” (film 157)

Fernandez, Henry Cecilio. “The influence of Gald6s on the films of Luis Bufiuel” (film 23031)

Fielding, Raymond Edwin. “A history of the American motion picture newsreel” (film 6937)

Fielding, Raymond Edwin. “The March of Time: 1935-1942” (film 12447)

Friedrich, Velber E. “Herausgegeben von der Zeitschrift Film im Erhard Friedrich Verlag, Velber” (wPN1993.3F415 film)

Francheville, Robert. “Tire au flanc; roman d’apres la piece de Sylvane et Mouezy-Eon, abondamment illustre par les photographies du film” (film 19560)

Gallup, George Horace. “Gallup looks at the movies: audience research reports, 1940-1950” (American list of public opinion and scholarly resources) (film 23557)

Gollub, Judith Podselver. “Nouveau roman et nouveau cinema.” (film 12278)

Gorbman, Claudia Louise. “Film music: narrative function in French films” (film 23286)

Gregory, John Robert. “Some psychological aspects of motion picture montage” (film 9285)

“D.W. Griffith Papers”. (1897-1954) 36 reels and guide. (film 27157)

Haley, Jay Douglas. “A content analysis of a film: David and Bathsheba” (film 20903)

Harrison’s reports (moving pictures-reviews 1919-1962) (film 19875)

“William Hays Papers” (film 28034)

Hazel, Erik Richard. “The Hollywood image; an examination of the literary perspective” (film 23346)

Holdridge, David Ross. “High versus low camera angle in film production as a factor influencing viewers’ predictions of performance” (film 20110)

Huaco, George Arthur. “The sociology of film styles” (film 9550)

Ince, Thomas H. “History and development of the motion picture industry” (film 10089)

Jacques Prevert par Guy Jacob, Andre Heinrich et Bernard Chardere. Textes pour le cinema par Jacques Prevert …(film 19020)

Kazan, Elia. “Film Director turned writer” sound recording, encyclopedia americana/cbs news audio resource library (tape 421 July 1970 no.1)

Kretzschmar, Rita H. “An analysis of American films and their foreign distribution 1953-57” (film 6932)

Lawder, Standish Dyer. “Structuralism and movement in experimental film and modern art, 1896-1925” (film 11995)

Leaming, Barbara D. “Engineers of human souls: the transition to socialist realism in the soviet cinema of the 1930s” (film 21460)

Lehman, Peter. “The search for a balance between east and West: an analysis of John Ford’s Fort Apache and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” (film 16934)

Leonard, Arthur Byron. “Poetry and film: aspects of the avant-garde in France (1918-1932)” (film 23705)

Lounsbury, Myron Osborn. “The origins of American film criticism, 1909-1939” (film 11980)

Lyons, Timothy James. “The comic technique of pathos-humor: Charlie Chaplin and The Gold Rush” (film 13382)

MacCann, Richard Dyer. “Documentary film and democratic government; an administrative history from Pare Lorentz to John Huston” (film 6620)

Mackenzie, Kent Robert. “A description and examination of the production of The Exiles: a film of the actual lives of a group of young American Indians” (1964) (film 13775)

McMillen, Barbara Fialkowski. “A study of the formal and thematic uses of film in the poetry of Parker Tyler, Frank O’Hara, and Adrienne Rich” (film 22149)

McRenolds, William Irvin. “Walt Disney in the American Grain” (film 18080)

Maland, Charles J. “American visions: the films of Chaplin, Ford, Capra and Welles 1936-1941” (film 19330)

Malek, Richard A. “All about Hitchcock: an investigation of the investigation of the film technique of Alfred Hitchcock” (film 6931)

Menville, Douglas Alver. “A historical and critical survey of the science-fiction film” (film 6942)

Merritt, Russell LaMonte. “The impact of D.W. Griffith’s motion pictures from 1908-1914 on contemporary American culture” (film 16203)

Miller, William Charles. “An experimental study of the relationship of film movement and emotional involvement response and its effect on learning and attitude formation.” (film 13455)

Morgan, Charles Howard. “Wish-fulfillment in drama and motion pictures” (film 11998)

“The moving picture offered List and cinema trade buyer and seller” (film 28929)

Newman, Henry Bertram. “The Western Film” (film 12072)

Parker, David Willson. “A descriptive analysis of the Lone Ranger as a form of popular art” (film 12009)

Pierson, Constance. “Criticism of the motion picture in American literary periodicals” (film 11990)

Pike, Robert Marvin. “A critical study of the West Coast experimental film movement” (1960) (film 8075)

Podeschi, John B. “The Writer in Hollywood” (film 23348)

Polister, Richard Cameron. “The role of the motion picture production unit in the university” (film 4134)

“Popular Culture Association” proceedings of the national convention of the popular culture association (many articles on movies, as well as bumper stickers, automobiles, folklore, pornography, romance languages, etc.) (film 21494)

Ramseyer, Lloyd Louis. “A study of the influence of documentary films on social attitudes” (film 12332)

Rea, Donald. “A critical-historical account of the planning, production and release of Citizen Kane” (film 17317)

Reiter, Joan Govan. “F. Scott Fitzgerald: Hollywood as literary material” (film 23352)

Riefenstahl, Leni. “Hinter den kulissen des Reichsparteitag-Films. Der Film Triumph des Willens Wurde im Auftrag des Furhrers geschaffen.” (c. 1935) (film 17386)

Rimberg, John David. “The Motion Picture in the Soviet Union, 1918-1952; a sociological analysis” (film 12008)

Roach, Samuel Frederick. “Lariat in the sun: the story of Will Rogers” (film 17666)

Rose, Brian Geoffrey. “An examination of narrative structure in four films of Frank Capra” (film 21014)

Rosenthal, Alan. “The film criticism of C.A. Lejeune” (film 11327)

Rowe, Carel. “The Baudelairean cinema: analysis and definition of a trend within the American avant-garde cinema” (film 24066)

Sanderson, Richard Arlo. “A historical study of the development of American motion picture content and techniques prior to 1904” (film 6969)

Saunders, Joseph Bacon. “Off-screen images: an origin of visual style in cinema” (film 17733)

Schlosser, Anatol I. “Paul Robeson: his career in the theatre, in motion pictures and on the concert stage” (film 15745)

Schultheissu, John Edward. “A study of the ‘Eastern’ writer in Hollywood in the 1930s” (film 23350)

Schwartz, Jack. “The portrayal of education in American motion pictures, 1931-1963” (film 12019)

See, Carolyn Penelope. “The Hollywood novel: an historical and critical study” (film 18257)

Sidney, George R. “Faulkner in Hollywood: a study of his career as a scenarist” (1959) (film 15481)

Smallman, Kirk. “Revolutionary cinema: Soviet art-propaganda 1919-1938” (film 6948)

Staples, Donald Edward. “The copyrighting of motion pictures: history and present procedures” (film 6933)

Staples, Donald Edward. “A statistical study of award-winning American films and their makers, 1930-1964” (film 12280)

Tyo, John Henry. “A comparative analysis of motion picture production courses offered in selected colleges and universities in the United States” (film 8117)

Van Wert, William F. “Film and literature: adaptations” (film 16594)

Van Wert, William F. “The theory and practice of cine-roman” (film 20372)