Individual Collections

ATCA Comics (MsC 780)
Papers of Max Allan Collins (MsC 500)

Comic Books of the Bronze Age (MsC 883)

Floating Comic Book Collection (MsC 342)

Floating Zine Collection (MsC 331)

Brent Johnson Iowa Killed Buddy Holly Small Press and Zine Shop Collection (MsC 319)

Deidre Johnson Media Fandom Collection (MsC 960)
Papers of Thomas Ollive Mabbott – Burton Pollin Illustrated Poe Addendum (MsC 429)
Sean Stewart Zine Collection (MsC 353)
Mariellen (Ming) Wathne Fanzine Archives Collection (MsC 313) [Contains a substantial number of Star Wars comics]
Jen Wolfe Collection of Female-Driven Comic Books (MsC 879)
Sarah and Jen Wolfe Collection of Riot Grrrl and Underground Music Zines (MsC 878)

Zine Machine Collection (MsC 885)

The collections listed above either contain comic books exclusively, or (in the case of the zine collections) contain numbers of underground and/or amateur-produced comics and mini-comics.

Comic books in these collections range from smaller, DIY-style amateur comics, to avant-garde and underground publications, to mainstream comic books produced by major companies. Special Collections’ array of comics-related collections reflects the wide variety of comic publications available throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.