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Prepared by: M. Bailey, M. Domenget, J. Roethler

Box List

Note: Those items marked with an asterisk (*) are accompanied by the clipping of the article.

Series X: Box 1


 October. "Symposium on Iowa Land Value Appraisals." The Journal of Land and Public Utility Economics

October 15, 1926. "Hoover and the Hog Farmer: Defender of Food Administration Fails to Explain Breaking of Promise in 1918"


 "Causes of the World Wide Depression of 1930"


April. 8. Untitled. Des Moines YWCA Magazine

June. "Agriculture Recognized at Last." The Jeffersonian

July. "Wring Out the Old." Country Home 

August. "Agriculture and Science." Journal of the Franklin Institute

September. "World Agriculture." Rural America  

October 1. " The Roosevelt Administration and the Farmer." Encyclopedia Britannica Bulletin

November. "Beware of Cut-Rate Milk!" Everybody's Health

November. "The Emergency..And After." The Country Gentleman

November. "Planning Together." Cosmopolitan Magazine

November 26. "The New Thanksgiving." Des Moines Register *

December. "Adjusting American Agriculture To The Post-War World." Foreign Affairs 


"Statesmanship And Religion." Round Table Press

January. "American Agriculture And World Markets." Foreign Affairs 

January. "Fruit Situation Better." American Fruit Growers 

January. " America Must Choose." Foreign Policy Association

January. "Potentialities of the Youth Movement." The Educational Record

January 1. [Statement for George E. Anderson for use in Bankers Association Journal ]

January 12. "Employees Aid National Welfare." The Federal Employee

February 15. "Grave Problems Facing Dairy And Beef Cattle Industries." Guernsey Breeders Journal

March. "Where There Is No Vision The People Perish." Christian Herald

June. "Research And Adjustment March Together." Extension Service Review

June. "The Scientist In An Unscientific Society." Scientific American

June 8. "The World At Crossroads." Christian Science Monitor 

June 12. "Why Be A Farmer?" Comments on proposed book accompanied by letter to Robert Spiers Benjamin

June 22. Letter, including comments, on the book Monetary Statesmanship by Norman Lombard

July. "The Bugaboos Of Child Labor." The Country Home

August. "Reopening Foreign Markets for Farm Products." Extension Service Review

August 19. "Wallace Answers Critics Of Crop Control." The New York Times. Reprinted in pamphlet form as "A Charted Course Toward Stable Prosperity." By the United States Department of Agriculture, September 1934.*

September. "The United States Has Met the Farm Problem." The Farmer's Monthly

September. "The Drought And The Farmer." The Democratic Digest

September. "Give Research A Chance." Country Gentleman

September 22. "Good-bye to the Fleshpots." The Saturday Review

September 28. "The Tyranny of Greed." Colliers

Series X: Box 2

1934, cont.

October. "What the New Deal Means to You." Independent Woman

October. "Tariff Bargaining for Agriculture." Extension Service Review

October. "The Cost Of The Drought." Encyclopedia Britannica

October 9. "American Farmers' 1934 Cash Income." The Adcrafter

October 16. "Untitled Statement." The Adcrafter

November 2. "Toward Economic Democracy In Agriculture." Grange Lecturers' Handbook

November 22. "Why Advertising Must Have A New Food And Drug Law." Advertising & Selling

November 25. "Henry Wallace's Harvest Sunday Message to People of Iowa." Des Moines Register*

December. "Is the 'A.A.A.' Experiment Proving a Success?" Congressional Digest

December. "We Are More Than Economic Men." Scribner's

December. "Help Pennsylvania in production and marketing programs." Pennsylvania Farm Review

December 30. "Wallace on Crop Control." New York Herald Tribune*

December 30. "Wallace Replies To Critics Of Cotton Control Program." New York Times*


"Our Land Policy Takes Shape." The Ames Forester

January. "'Traffic Lights' for Business vs. Economic Confusion." System and Business Management

January 2. "Beard: The Planner." The New Republic

January 14. "Agriculture and Economic Recovery." Vital Speeches

February. "The Making of Economic Decisions." The Clubwoman

February 2. " America – Recluse or Trader." Collier's

March 14. "The Outlook For Poultry Producers." Poultry Tribune

March 23. "The Bull Index." The Saturday Review of Literature

March 31. "Wallace Points to the Dangers of Tenancy." The New York Times Magazine*

April. "The Influence Of 4-H Clubs." Elizabeth Business

April 16. Untitled Statement. Cedar Rapids Gazette, Farm Edition

May. "Are We Going To Lose More Foreign Trade?" Credit Executive

May. "Farmers Must Assert Themselves." The Southern Planter

May 11. "Farm Facts For Consumers." Wisconsin Agriculturist And Farmer

May 20. "Foreign Trade As National Interest." The New York Forwarder, Foreign Trade Edition

June. "Our Common Interest In Restoring Foreign Trade." Commercial Fertilizer

June 11. "Searching for a Permanent Program." Cotton Trade Journal

Series X: Box 3

1935, cont.

July. "The Dangers of Farm Tenancy." The Pilgrim Highroad

July. "The Problem Of Farm Tenancy." Scientific Monthly

July. "The World Cotton Drama." Foreign Affairs

August. "There Are New Frontiers Ahead." The Epworth Highroad

August. "Land Utilization as it Affects Wildlife." The Minnesota Conservationist

August 24. Untitled article. Editor And Publisher

September. "Wallace Tells of Grazing Problem After Forest Trip." The Forestry News Digest

September. "Confusion, Choice and Unified Action." Rural America

October 30. Review of O.W. Willcox' book, Nation's Can Live at Home. The New Republic

November. Untitled Article. Democracy

November. "What I Am Trying to Do?" Progressive Farmer

November 15. "The Problems of a High Tariff." Farm and Ranch

December. "The Processing Tax." The World Today (Encyclopedia Britannica)

December. Untitled statement. New York Times Chronology

Series X: Box 4


Essay on Chemical Foundation. Not signed, but assumed to be by Wallace

January. "Research - The Yeast in the Loaf of Agriculture." Scientific Monthly

January 16. "Balancing Abundance." BARRONS

January 29. "Protestants and Social Action." The Christian Century

January. "The Farmer's Tariff." Southern Agriculturist

February. "Farm Economics And Agricultural Planning." Journal of Farm Economics

February. "Trading With Our Neighbors." The Nations Agriculture

March 27. Untitled greetings to Department of Agriculture staff. Agriculture Exchange, special edition

March 29. "New Vistas For Agriculture." New York Times

April. "The Welfare of the Nation and the New Farm Act." The Democratic Digest

April 15. Untitled statement for publication in "Cooperative Organization and Management With Special Reference to China " by W. Mackenzie Stevens

May. "A Communication To State Legislators And State Officials." State Government

May. "H.A.W. Writes a Message." The Countrywoman

May. Untitled. Magazine of Associated Country Women of the World

May. Untitled introduction to book Storm Over the Constitution by Irving Brant

May 7. "...and still the farmers pioneer." The Sublette Monitor

May 18. "Making the Most of the Home Market. Vital Speeches

May 19. Untitled statement to accompany Charles Norman article

June. "What About Farm Imports?" The Southern Journal of Progress

June 22. "G.O.P. Platform Caters to Special Privilege." The Prairie Farmer (Letter to publisher)

June 23. "Wallace Sees Bright Farm Outlook." Philadelphia Record (Convention Issue)

Series X: Box 5

1936, cont.

July. "The Search for an American Way." Scribner's

July 18. "Learn to LIVE Together." The Michigan Farmer

August. "Protecting Our Domestic Market." National Grange Monthly

September. "Agriculture." New York Herald Tribune 6th Annual Forum on Current Problems

October. "Farmers on the Recovery Road." The Illinois Voter

November. "Henry Wallace Decries Dogma in Search for Abundance." National Student Mirror

November 29. "Crop Insurance Plans Explained By Wallace." New York Times . Also titled "Agriculture and the Economy of Abundance"*

December 2. "The Next Four Years." The New Republic


January. Untitled (Crop Insurance). Associated Press

January. "The Ultimate Power." Book review of The Ultimate Power by Morris L. Ernst

January 1. Untitled statement for the New York Times Chronology for 1936*

January 3. "Wallace Maps A Farm Program." New York Times Magazine*

February 8. "The Creditor Position of the United States." The London Daily Telegraph

March. "Locking the Gate." The Forum

March. "The Problem of Balance in Modern Civilization." The Consensus

March 1. "Definition of the Ever Normal Granary." The Agricultural Situation

May 21. "A Message to the Readers of The Old Farmer's Almanac from Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture." The Old Farmer's Almanac

June. "Chemistry and the Farmer." The Country Home

September. "National Security and the Farm." The Atlantic Monthly

September. "Our National Poultry Policy." Poultry Tribune

September. "Producer Goals and Consumer Goals." Rural America

September. Untitled statement. Fortune

November. "The Ever Normal Granary." Literary Digest

November 28. "The Ever Normal Granary and Consumers." Philadelphia Record

December. "The Ever-Normal Granary Plan." The Democratic Digest

December. "The Cotton Situation." Memphis Commercial Appeal, Business Survey Section


January 7. Foreword for "They Starve that We May Eat." Council of Women for Home Missions, NYC

January 8. "Jackson Day Address." The Democratic State Central Committee

January 22. "What Democracy Means to Me." Scholastic

February. "The Human Side of the Department." Rural America

March.10. "Looking Ahead 50 Years." The Democratic National Research Review

May 23. "Foreign Trade." The New York Forwarder

July. "Aid to Farmers." The Democratic Digest

July 1. "The Present Farm Program." The Commonweal

August 21. Untitled column. New York Journal-American*

September. "La Investigacion Fermento De La Agricultura." Sociedad Argentina De Agronomia ( Argentina 's Agricultural Society)

Series X: Box 6


January 1. "Farm Hopes for 1939 Rest on All U.S., Says Wallace." The Washington Star*

February 3. "The Need for Increased Distribution to Consumers of Low Income Class." The Independent Grocer, 18th Annual Convention Issue

March 1. "Better Soil and Better Living." New York Times World's Fair Supplement

March 13. "Plenty for All." Des Moines Register And Tribune

April. "Our Plan for Marketing Surplus Foods." Advertising & Selling

May. "What Democracy Means to Me." Foreign Information Service

June/July. "Experiences with Hybrid Corn." 4-H Horizons

June/July. "Hacia una Cultura Interamericana." ("Toward an Inter-American Culture") El Magazine Internacional *

July 9. "Toward an Inter-American Culture." New York Times Magazine*

August. "For Tomorrow's America." The American Legion Magazine

August 2. "Wallace Holds Federal Program Realistic Solution For Cotton." The Journal of Commerce*

October. "Taking the Shock." The Democratic Digest

November 1. "The Forest Industries Conference." Southern Lumberman

November 8. "The Future of the American Farm." The New Republic

December. "The Time to Act." Equality


January. "How Permanent is the Farm Program?" The Nation's Agriculture

February. "The War at Our Feet." Survey Geographic

February. "The War at Out Feet." The American City

February 2. "The Food Stamp Plan." The Independent Grocer, Annual Convention Issue

February 10. "Comments on the Nation." The Nation

March. "The Forest in Our Land Economy." American Forests

Series X: Box 7

1940, cont.

April. "Inter-American Agricultural Cooperation." Bulletin of the Pan American Union

April. "Where Agriculture?" The Nation's Agriculture

April. "New Frontiers." Think Magazine

April 11. "Wallace Urges Production Curbs; Cites Handicaps to U.S.-Latin America Trade." New York Post *

April 17. "Agriculture is Faced with Changing Conditions." The Sacramento Bee, Annual Agricultural Number *

April 20. "Would McNary-Haugen Two-Price Farm Plan, Without Production Adjustment, Work Today?" The American Forum

May 5. "Battles Without Guns." New York Times*

June. HAW and McCamy, James L. "Straw Polls in Public Administration." Public Opinion Quarterly

June 15. "The Jewish Heritage and the American Spirit." The Jewish Merchant

June 25. "Act Resolutely Together to Meet Needs of Future, Wallace Advises Farmers." Rural Life*

July. HAW and Capper, Arthur. "What Shall We Do About Agriculture?" Independent Woman

July/September. "Judaism and Americanism." The Menorah Journal

July 31. "Wallace Declares Domestic Market Best Cotton Outlet." The Journal of Commerce*

Series X: Box 8

1940, cont.

November 15. "In the Spirit of the Prophets." The New Palestine

Winter. "A New Lease for the Tenant Farmer." The Business Bulletin



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