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1941 – 1977

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Box List

Series X: Box 8

Note: Those items marked with an asterisk (*) are accompanied by the clipping of the article.


Continuing in Box 8

"Latin America Comes Ever Closer." Life

Untitled . Sociedad de Ciencias Agricolas. (Society of Agricultural Sciences)

Untitled. (Having to do with the drought)

Winter. "Soil Defense." The Land

February 22, 1941. "Wallace in Mexico." Wallace's Farmer

March. "Toward Pan-American Understanding." Reader's Digest

March 22. "Land Hunger in Mexico. "Wallace's Farmer

April 5. "When You Go to Mexico." Wallace's Farmer

April 5. "The Tourist in Mexico." Farmer & Iowa Homestead

July. "Food, Farmers, and Fundamentals." Survey Graphic

July. "Housing and the Nation's Defense, Present and Future." American Savings and Loan News

July. "The Price of Freedom." American Magazine*

August. "The National Income and National Debt." Land Policy Review

Series X: Box 9

1941, cont.

October. "For Peace But Not for Pacifism." Think

November. "Summary of Principal Developments in Agriculture During the Period 1933-1941." The National Cyclopedia of American Biography

November 22. "The Silent War." Colliers

December. Untitled letter. FCA Credit Union publication

December 27. "Ready for Economic Warfare." Foreign Commerce Weekly

Winter. "Soil Defense." The Land

Winter, 1941 – 1942. "Tanks and the Land." The Land


"The Board of Economic Welfare." Britannica Book of the Year 1942

January. "Foundations of the Peace." Atlantic Monthly*

February. Untitled statement. Hispania, Silver Jubilee Issue

February. "What Are We Fighting For?" St. Louis Post-Dispatch

February 13. "Tribute to the Honorable Cordell Hull." The American Hebrew

February 19. "Statement to the Cedar Rapids Gazette." Cedar Rapids Gazette

March. "Basis for Latin-American Relations." Free World

June. "The Price of Victory." Reprinted from The Free World

June 21. "Friends and Partners." The Baltimore Sun This Week Magazine*

June 24. Untitled letter. Novosselye

July 2. "Message to Portuguese." Diario de Noticias

July 12. "Rubber and the New Isolationism." New York Times Magazine*

August/September. H.A.W. featured on the cover. The Filipino Reporter

August 12. Untitled statement. Free World Anniversary Issue

August 25. "United for Victory." The Chicago Defender Victory Week Issue

August 29. "Economic Warfare – The War Behind the War." Army and Navy Journal

September 12. "The Guts to Win." Liberty

October 11. "The Day of the New World." New York Times Magazine*

October 7. Untitled statement. The New York Daily News

October 31. Untitled statement. Cedar Rapids Gazette

Series X: Box 10

1942, cont.

December. "Neighbors Working Together." The Rotarian

December 6. "A Peace Worth Fighting For." San Antonio Air Service Command

December 26. Untitled statement. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

December 27. "New Paths to Freedom." This Week*

December 29. Untitled statement. Tass News Agency


January. Untitled statement. America Clinica

January 1. "The Cooperative Way." Los Angeles Times

January 8. Untitled article. America Latina

January 9. "Ten Years After Hitler." Opinion

January 18. "How We Can Meet New War Debts – And Live Better." PM Daily*

March. "What We Will Get Out of the War." American Magazine

June 23 – 24. "The Silent War Against the Axis"; "Economic Guns Rip Axis in Battle of Neutrals"; "How U.S. Fights for War Supplies." AP News

June 27. "Freedom of the Air – A Momentous Issue." New York Times Magazine*

June 28. "This is My Country." Sheboygan Press

September 8. Untitled statement. Free World (Greek Edition)

October 23. "We must Save Free Enterprise." Saturday Evening Post

December 5. Untitled statement. Chicago Sun Christmas Edition

December 26. "Food in '44." This Week Magazine


Introduction. The United Fruit Company and Middle America by A.A. Pollan

"Invisible Governments." Unpublished

Untitled letter. World Outlook

January 11. "How Well Will We Eat in 1944?" Look

February. "Invisible Government." Unpublished

February. "Two Peoples – One Friendship." Survey Graphic

February 24. Statement to be included in Artemio Pacheco's book

March 2. Untitled statement. Cooperative League of Washington

March 6. Untitled message. Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society

March 17. Untitled statement. The Sentinel

March 27. "The Way to Abundance." The New Republic

April 9. "Wallace Defines 'American Fascism'." New York Times Magazine*

June 23, 24, 25. "BEW Wages Silent Economic War on 3 Fronts, Wallace Says"; "BEW Scouring the World for War Good, Wallace Says"; "BEW Helps Friendly Nations Gain Exports, Wallace Says." Baltimore Sun

Series X: Box 11


January 3. Untitled greeting. Daily Mail

January 5. "The Young Jefferson." Review by H.A.W. of Claude Bowers' Jefferson Book. Unpublished

April 11. "Waste Paper." U.S. Dept. of Commerce

April 14 – 15, 1945. H.A.W. /F.D.R. University of Iowa Libraries

May. "Planning for Freedom." Reader's Digest

May 24. "Industrialization of the New World." Address by H.A.W. to Institute of World Affairs

June. "How Can Exporters." Export Trade and Shipper

June 4. "In Memoriam of Franklin D. Roosevelt." Address by H.A.W. at Churchman Award Dinner

June 11. " America, Russia, the Word." The New Republic

June 19. "How to Guarantee the Peace." New Masses

July. "Fight for Prosperity As We Fight the War." Unity News

July. "Henry Wallace's Charter for Postwar Prosperity." Philadelphia Record

July 15. "Wallace Calls for Free Enterprise." Sales Management

August. "Postwar Foreign Travel." Travel Trade

August. "Full Employment." Wholesale Grocer News

Autumn. "Country Matters." The Land

Fall. "Practical Religion." Clear Horizons

September. "How Much Planning?" Reprint. An Editor's Notebook

September 2. "How Much Planning?" The New York Times Magazine

October. "Sixty Million Jobs" (condensation). The Reader's Digest

October 18. "Department of Commerce Program in the Field of Distribution." Submitted to Women's Wear Daily

October 25. Untitled article. Submitted to Army and Navy Journal

November. "The Department of Commerce – The Cities' Washington Agent." The American City

November. "Use All You Know." Modern Management

November. "Secretary's Statement." Unpublished

November. "Foreign Travel." A.S.T.A. (American Society of Travel Agents) News

November 12. "Bright Prospects for Future." The New York Forwarder 

November 30. "God and the Sixty Million." Sermon by Fred I. Cairns, with an introduction consisting of a copy of a letter written to Reverend Cairns by Wallace

December. "Basic Marketing Data to Aid Retailers." Chain Store Age 

December 6. "Government's Role." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle

Series X: Box 12 


"Wallace Views Soviet Asia." In collaboration with Andrew J. Steiger

January "What is Civilization? Response to article." Ladies' Home Journal

January "1946: A Year of Decision." Domestic Commerce

February. Fraternal Outlook – for Negro History Week

February. "Veterans Going into Business." VET 

February. "Panel Discussion of the First Lecture." The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress

February 2. "Trade and Peace." The Christian Leader 

March 16. "Full Employment." Liberty

March 21. "A Policy Toward Russia ." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle

April. "Faith – America 's Greatest Heritage." The Synagogue Light

April 11. "Old Age Insurance." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle 

April 14. "Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Wallace See Globe Plan." Boston Sunday Globe

April 15. "He Led the Common Man." The New Republic

April 16. "The Service Industries Must Expand." This Week Magazine 

April 18. "Arguments Against the Bulwinkle Bill." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle

Spring. "My Strawberries From Seed." The Countryman

April/May. " Russia 's Chance of Success." Labor and Nation 

May. " St. Lawrence Seaway – A Stimulus to Trade." Domestic Commerce

May 15. "The Service Industries Must Expand." This Week Magazine

May15. "Education For Agriculture." The Churchman

May 18. "Untitled Statement for Shanghai Evening Post." Foreign Trade Supplement 

May 18. "World-Trade Vistas Open." Journal of International Economy

May 20. "Higher Imports Key to World Prosperity." New Yorker Forwarder

May 20. "Message of Greeting." China Trade and Engineering 

May 23. " Wallace Points Out Foreign Trade Essentials." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle 

Summer. "Gardens Against Famine." The Land

June. "Henry Wallace Praises Radio Industry." Radio and Television Journal

June. " Way to Check Depressions." The American Magazine


June 4. Untitled Article – The Two Party System. The Democrat

June 6. "The Loan to Britain." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle 

June 14. "The Automobile." Think Magazine

June 20. "Disaster Without Price Control." The Commercial and Financial Chronicle

June 22. "Party Responsibility." Colliers

June 24. "World Progress Spells Prosperity." Trade Union Courier Magazine Section 

July. "The New Community Spirit." American Druggist

July. Untitled Article, Postwar Economy. Action 

July 20. "Sidney Hillman." The Nation

July 25. "Names in the News." Molalla Pioneer

August. "Top Assignment for Veterans." Salute

August 4. "Present Level of Employment." The Philadelphia Record

August 13. "On Growing Up." Ruth Taylor Papers 

August 31. "How to Elect A Progressive Congress." The Nation 

October."The Fight For Peace." Reynal and Hitchcock , N.Y. 

November.  Untitled Statement, Elections. The Democrat 

December. "Statement By Wallace to Lead Civil Aviation." Skyways Magazine


"Strike Back." Introduction to America's "Thought Police." Record of the Un-American Activities Committee

January 20, 1947. "Address Before the Founding Convention of the Progressive Citizens of America." A reproduction of the complete text from the New Republic. Signed by Wallace


"Open Letter to Premier Stalin." Reprinted with "Stalin Answers Wallace." National Wallace for President Committee

"Toward World Peace." Translation into German by Alice Herz

February 24, 1948. "The Wallace Plan vs. The (Hoover) (Dulles) Marshall Plan." Testimony by Henry A. Wallace before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

March 18. ". . . Willful men with private interests are dictating our foreign policy. Their interest is profit, not people." Radio broadcast. Reprinted by the Wallace for President Committee

April 2. "Where They Stand."

May 10, 1948. "The Hushed Up Iranian Affair." New Republic

July 1. "Greetings From Wallace." Uncensored

July 19. "Farewll and Hail!" New Republic

Winter. "A Tall Man Comes Over." Upsurge


January. "Production for Peaceful Purposes." Swords Into Plowshares

February 25. Dictated statement to Johannes Steel. Action


Time magazine interview

January 30. "Henry A. Wallace on FDR, China and World Peace." National Guardian

December 1. Unpublished. H.A.W. Notes


"U.S.-Russia Against Red Chinese?"

November 19. "My Mission to China." The New Leader


February 11, 1952. "Mr Wallace Denies." Letter to the Editor. The Freeman* (print version only)

March 10, 1952. "Mr. Wallace Explains Further." Letter to the Editor. The Freeman* (print version only)


October. "Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book." Agricultural History




June 29. "Feeding the Hungry World." The New Leader


February. "A Long Look Ahead." Ford Forum in Boston , Massachusetts

June 30, 1960. Interview by Mrs. Dorothy Kehlenbeck at the time of Wallace's 50th anniversary of the class of 1910, Iowa State University


"Origin and Utilization of Germ Plasm in the U.S. " Germ Plasm Resources


November 6, 1962. Review of A History of Husbandry by Russell Lord. In Oversized Box 1


"Amateur Growing of Strawberries from Seed"

"Reflections of an ALSer"

Series X: Box 13


July/August. "On Growing Up in Iowa: An Oral Memoir by Henry A. Wallace." ed. Robert K. Bower. Palimpsest


"AE: A Prophet Out of an Ancient Age"

"Agricultural Prices" [1940?]

"An Appreciation of Ireland 's Greatest Writers." The Ireland American Review [April 1940?]

"Four Men Speak Out About Jobs For All." CIO Political Action Committee

"Incentives for the Non-Coms of Industry." Mill and Factory

"Hybridizing for the Health and Vigor in Glads"

"Korea, Trygve Lie and the Progressive Party from July 6 to 12, 1950."  (Presumed to be by Wallace; it is unsigned and, except for one strike-out, unmarked. The point of view,  tone, and diction all suggest that it was written by Wallace)  Missing

"The Problem of Balance in Modern Civilization"

Press release. "Wallace Offers Hemisphere War Peace Plan-5 XXX Dealings." Missing

Press release. "Wallace Offers Hemisphere Peace War Plan-4 XXX Economy"  Missing

"Which Path? Revolution, State Socialism or World Cooperation"


Untitled article. National Alliance of Newspaper Associations [1935?]

Untitled statement. Producer-Consumer [1935?]

Untitled statement . Symposium of Cabinet Members When Talking Over the Radio [1935?]

Untitled article. Universal Service[1935?]

Untitled statement. University Interscholastic League of Texas (Debating Bulletin). [1935?]

Untitled statement. Minneapolis Tribune  [December 1937?]

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