AUGUST 22 – DECEMBER 16, 2022

The International Writing Program (IWP) has brought close to 1,600 writers from more than 150 countries to the University of Iowa since 1967. In celebration of the program’s 55th anniversary, the exhibition A Hub, a Network, an Archive: 55 Years of International Writers in Iowa City tells the story of IWP’s genesis, its role in cultural diplomacy, Iowa City as a site of literary praxis and global networking, and the images of Iowa that writers have carried home with them as represented in their work.

Curated by Nataša Ďurovičová and Lisa Gardinier, the exhibition includes University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections & Archives materials such as the Paul Engle Papers, the International Writing Program Records, the Toothpaste/Coffee House Press Records, and more. Items from the University of Iowa Libraries circulating collection, IWP’s Shambaugh House, and friends of IWP also make an appearance, in addition to a selection of large portraits of writers by photographer Thomas Langdon.

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Curator Highlights

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Exhibition Curation

Nataša Ďurovičová
Senior Editor, International Writing Program
Adjunct faculty, MFA Literary Translation

Lisa Gardinier
Curator of International Literature, University of Iowa Libraries

Preparation & Conservation
Bill Voss, Conservator Technician & Exhibit Preparator 
Giselle Simón, University Conservator 

Kalmia Strong, Creative Coordinator

Exhibition Coordination 
Sara J. Pinkham, Exhibition and Engagement Coordinator

Bill Voss, Kalmia Strong, Sara J. Pinkham, Jennifer Beall

Exhibition Technology
Will Brown, IT Consultant (LIB IT) 
Chris ClarkSenior IT Support Consultant (LIB IT) 

Ethan DeGross, Web Developer, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio
Alyssa Varner, Creative Coordinator, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio

Publicity & Website
Sara J. Pinkham 
Ken Clinkenbeard, Web Services Specialist

Virtual Exhibit Assembly & Photography
Sara J. Pinkham

Financial Support
Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries

Special Thanks

Aron Aji, Takako Arai, Timothy Arnold, Mark Anderson, Paula Balkenende, Ben Barreras, Jenny Bradshaw, Michael Conley, Beth Cox, John Culshaw, Hualing Nieh Engle, Eric Ensley, Hugh Ferrer, Brian Fotsch, Cheryl Graham, Tsuyoshi Harada, Kendall Heitzman, Atsuko Horiuchi, Daniel Johnson, John Kenyon and the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature, Thomas Langdon, David McCartney, Christopher Merrill, Lindsay Moen, Janalyn Moss, H Pedelty, Jen Provorse, Pilar Quintana, Timothy Shipe, Paul Soderdahl, Rita Soenksen, Chris Swart, Kelly Taylor, Min Tian, Linda Walton, Elena Lan-Lan Wang, Muhua Yang, and all IWP participants past and present.