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We collaborate with faculty and students on the design and implementation of digital scholarly research projects. Housed in the University of Iowa Libraries, the STUDIO can shepherd digital projects from inception to archive.

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  • What Amanda Visconti and Infinite Ulysses Get about James Joyce

    With Professor Amanda Visconti in town this week as part of the University of Iowa’s NEH Next Generation Humanities Ph.D. Planning Grant, I wanted to reflect on the importance of her Infinite Ulysses project for literary study in general and Joyce studies in particular. In 2015, Amanda Visconti did something that many Joyceans had often considered but never fully realized: she […]

  • Writer James Alan McPherson, Iowa Writers Workshop

    James Alan McPherson taught at the Iowa Writers Workshop beginning in 1981.  In 1978, he received a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for his Elbow Room.  In 1981, he read his short story, “There was once a State Called Franklin“, the same year he was named a MacArthur Fellow, and in 1995 he was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Iowa Digital Library […]

  • When content goes viral: looking at the first 3 days of “Manly Health and Training”

    On Friday, the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review (WWQR) published a previously unknown book-length work “Manly Health and Training,” by Walt Whitman, recently discovered by Zachary Turpin. (Read more about it in a previous post.) Minutes after it was published, The New York Times broke the story. (We couldn’t say anything until their story launched at about 10AM, and the […]

  • Women, Scholarship, & DIY History

    Earlier this week, the Studio launched Scholarship@Iowa, a curated set of pages promoting scholarly archives related to historically underrepresented groups. To introduce that initiative I wrote a blog post touting the merits of these archives and their ability to help us see ourselves as a part of longstanding tradition of excellence and discovery at the University of Iowa. In that same spirit, […]

  • Scholarship@Iowa: celebrating diversity in the archives

    We in the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio are reminded – daily – of the incredible digitized material held in our archives. Letters, dissertations, scrapbooks, newspapers, photographs spanning hundreds of years can be found in places like the Iowa Digital Library and Iowa Research Online. These collections and this scholarship remind us of who has passed through […]

  • Iowa Research Online DH Salon

    The first DH Salon for spring 2016 was about Iowa Research Online (IRO). IRO is not a DH specific tool; we use it to publish, archive, and freely disseminate output of the University community. It has been primarily used for textual scholarship and creative works, but it also includes audio, video and data. IRO includes faculty, graduate student, undergraduate, administrative and community […]

  • VSim Show and Tell

    A few weeks ago, I presented an exciting new prototype program I’ve been keeping my eyes on. It’s a program out of UCLA called VSim. I had the pleasure of demo-ing this program for about 20 of my colleagues from across campus and we discussed the possible applications of a full-fledged VSim program. We would be able to publish 3D digital objects that include bibliographical data […]

  • Henry A Wallace Collection

    The University of Iowa Libraries has thousands of the personal papers of Iowa native Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965). Wallace, the 33rd vice president of the United States, died 50 years ago today (18 November 1965). Wallace also served as the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Commerce and was the nominee for the Progressive Party in the 1948 presidential election. His papers […]