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Project nameProject PIYear PublishedDepartment
Growing Solidarity John McKerley 2023 Labor Center
Iowa Carbon Pipelines Blake Rupe 2023 UI College of Law, Hubbell Environmental Law Initiative
Iowa Intersections Claire Frances 2023 World Languages/Literatures/Cultures
Consortium of Ancient World Mappers Sarah Bond 2022 History
Green Book Amenities David McCartney 2022 Library Administration & Gen
Hobo Archive Laura Carpenter 2022 Rhetoric
Iowa Labor History Oral Project John McKerley 2022 Labor Center
We Heard It When We Were Young Chuy Renteria 2022
Surviving the Indifferents Asha Bhandary, Laura Brown, Timothy Sommers, & Jamie Ritzo 2021 Philosophy
Disrupting the Reparations Timeline Andrew Boge 2021 Communication Studies
GLAM Lab Liz Riordan 2021 Library Administration & Gen
Hard Won, Not Done: A Salute to Iowa Women Politicians Jean Lloyd-Jones 2021
ICE in the Heartland: Community Impacts of Worksite Immigration Raids Nicole L. Novak & William D. Lopez 2021 Community & Behavioral Health
Iowa Initiative for Scientific Imaging and Conservation of Cultural Artifacts Paul Dilley & Laura Moser 2021 Classics and Religious Studies
Nine Pivots Riley Hanick 2021 School of Library & Info Science
The Gibberish Project Mykle Law 2021
Connected For Life Elizabeth Reetz & Amanda Lensing 2020
Digital Oxford Township Matthew Noellert 2020 History
History of History at UIOWA Ty Priest 2020 History and Geography
MovieGoing Histories Paula Amad 2020 Cinematic Arts
Pull of Horses Kim Marra 2020 Theatre Arts and American Studies
Tadoku Nana Onishi 2020 Asian & Slavic Languages/Literature
Woman's Suffrage in Iowa Scrapbook Janet Weaver 2020 Special Collections
HICRN David McCartney 2019 Library Administration & Gen
Imagining Latinidades Nichole Amato 2019 Language, Literature, Culture
Medellin After Escobar Kristine Muñoz 2019 Spanish and Portuguese
More than Meets the Eye - SiteNow Liz Riordan 2019 Special Collections
Shell Oil's Deepwater Mission to Mars Tyler Priest 2019 History and Geography
UK Choral Composers Timothy Stalter 2019 Music
Congressional Speech Bryce Dietrich 2018 Political Science
Downtown Pop Underground Kembrew McLeod 2018 Communication Studies
Iowa Literaria Spanish Creative Writing Program 2018 Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Latina/o Midwest Reader Claire Fox 2018 English
LitCity Lauren Haldeman 2018 International Writing Program
What Is This Thing Called Soul? Damani Phillips 2018 Music
Women in Sport Jennifer Sterling 2018 American Studies
Atlas of Early Printing Greg Prickman 2017 Special Collections
Brinton Greg Prickman 2017 Special Collections
International Dada Archive Timothy Shipe 2017 Library Administration & Gen
Shakespeare at Iowa Greg Prickman 2017 Special Collections
Under the Banner of Waverley Anne Stapleton 2017 English
Coffee Zone Julia Olivier Rajan 2016 Spanish and Portuguese
Death and Life at Bolores and the Sizandro Valley, Portugal Katina Lillios 2016 Anthropology
Equity at Iowa Judith Pascoe 2016 English
Migration is Beautiful Janet Weaver 2016 Special Collections
Oakdale Community Choir Site Mary Cohen 2016 Education: Music
Program Era Project Loren Glass 2016 English
Remappings Kathy Lavezzo & Lisa Lampert 2016 English
Scholarship@Iowa Tom Keegan 2016 Library Administration & Gen
Shakespeare First Folio Greg Prickman 2016 Special Collections
Soteriou Papermaking Archive Alexandra Soteriou 2016
Uptight & Laid-back David McCartney 2016 Library Administration & Gen
&Mix Anne Sand 2015 Rhetoric
Big Ancient Mediterranean Paul Dilley 2015 Religious Studies
Germans in Iowa Lisa Heineman & Glenn Ehrstine 2015
Dutch in the World Julie Hochstrasser 2013 Art & Art History
DIY History Matthew Butler 2012 Library Administration & Gen
Fluxus Digital Collection Stephen Voyce 2012 English
Paper Through Time Timothy Barret 2012 Graduate College-Operations (DISTR)
Presidential Lecture Series 2012 Library Administration & Gen
William Morris Archive Florence Boos 2007 English
Carnegie Libraries in Iowa Project Shana Stuart School of Library & Information Science
Gender and Representation in Athletic Monuments Ashley Loup Graduate College
International Writing Program Map Nataša Ďurovičová International Writing Program
Iowa City Restrictive Covenants Colin Gordon History
Iowa State Colored Conventions: 1857 Leslie Schwalm History
Iowa State Colored Conventions: 1868 Dwain Coleman & Leslie Schwalm
J.H. Ramberg as Illustrator of Books and Almanacs | Johann Heinrich Ramberg als Almanach- und Buchillustrator Waltraud Maierhofer & Olivia von Gries International Programs
Roots of Medicine Matt Regan HHSL
The Books That Made Shakespeare Adam Hooks English
Tractatus David Stern Philosophy
Unnatural Networks (Haxby) Jenna Supp-Montgomery Religious Studies
Women of Ancient History Sarah Bond History
Dividing the City: Race-Restrictive Covenants in St. Louis and St. Louis County Colin Gordon History
Explorer's Legacy Greg Prickman Special Collections
Geometries of Creation Robert Bork Art & Art History
Inter-Tech(s) Roxanna Curto French & Italian
Iowa Archives of the Avant-Garde Margaret Gamm Library Administration & Gen
Iowa City's Jewish History Kirsten Kumpf Baele German
Iowa State Colored Conventions: 1857 Story Map Leslie Schwalm History
Mapping Decline Colin Gordon History
Mapping Segregation in Iowa Colin Gordon History
Nationwide ICE Facilities Kristiana Baez
Press Pass Access with Tom Brokaw John Culshaw Library Administration & Gen
Shakeosphere Blaine Greteman English
State-Sponsored Inequality Shuang Chen History