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The Studio is happy to help you with your digital scholarship and publishing needs. Please complete and submit the form below to get started on your Studio consultation!


    What would you like to discuss? Feel free to be as detailed or vague as you like. Prior to meeting with us, you may want to consider the following:

    • Who is the intended audience for the project?
    • Is the project primarily a resource tool or will it be integrated into a course / event?
    • Is there a set outside timeline or deadline? For example, is the project part of a grant or a larger event? Is there a partner institution?
    • Are you connected or working with other resources on campus (e.g., another Library Dept such as RLI or Special Collections, SITA, IDEAL, Digital Bridges, etc.)?
    • Are there examples of projects you’ve seen at Iowa or elsewhere that are similar to the project you envision?
    • Are there specific platforms you’d like to use for your project?