The Studio collaborates with students, faculty, and staff on the development, design, and implementation of digital scholarly research projects and publications. Housed in the University of Iowa Libraries, the Studio offers equitable access to space, technology, and digital expertise to shepherd projects from inception to archive.

Portrait photo of the Studio's Senior Research and Development Manager Matthew Butler

The Studio's Matthew Butler selected to receive 2023 Benton Award

The Studio’s Senior Developer Matthew Butler has been selected to receive the Arthur Benton University Librarian’s Award for Excellence. Butler has contributed significantly to the continued success and excellence of the Studio and the UI Libraries during his several years of service.

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  • Understanding agrarian change through farmer’s emotions.
    by fjalali on 18 Jul 2024

    Ever since I was an undergraduate student of Political Science the differences between access to basic amenities like clean drinking water, clean living spaces, health etc concerned me. I decided to work in the development sector to […]

  • Mahdi Feyz Karimlou’s post on summer project work
    by mfeyzkarimlou on 18 Jul 2024

    Iran’s political climate has experienced a series of social protests in the past few years. These episodes were caused by different issues and aimed at different ideals and demands which has given rise to the debate if they should be […]

  • How do artists’ books translate to a digital medium?
    by pprasanna on 9 Jul 2024

    My project initially seemed straightforward, but I soon realized that the undertaking was much more profound than I had imagined. The question I began with was simple. What is the best way to portray an artist book online? Artists’ books […]

  • “Memorias del corazón” a bilingual podcast
    by marroquinperez on 9 Jul 2024

    Historia in Spanish has different meanings and can be translated to English as a story or history. What makes a personal story history? What stories are part of history? What voices and stories are not included in history? “History is […]

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