Do you need help with conducting a comprehensive literature review? Let’s start with…

Which types of reviews would be appropriate for your research topic? 

  • Literature Reviews aim to summarize the critical points of current knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Scoping/Mapping Reviews aim to address an exploratory research question by mapping key concepts, types of evidence, and gaps in research related to a defined area or field.
  • Systematic Review is a research method that “aims to locate and summarize all available evidence for a specific question in order to guide decisions and practices” (Cochrane).

What are main stages of conducting a review?

The figure below is about a systematic review. Depending on the review type, the review process may vary.

What can the library help?

  • Provide feedback on systematic review project protocols
  • Identify sources, design search strategies, and manage search results
  • Get you familiar with EndNote citation software for managing references
  • Write up a method section describing search strategies for your report

Recorded Tutorials

Provide the following information when email Marina Zhang ( and get your project started today!

  • Title and which type of review (comprehensive, scoping/mapping or systematic reviews)
  • Authors (provide names, institutions, emails and role of each contributor)
  • Rationale (describe how this review project will contribute to current knowledge on the topic, or what gap in knowledge this review project will seek to fill)
  • Objectives (Provide an explicit statement of the questions the review will address with reference to population, intervention, comparison, and outcome if you use the PICO framework)
  • Eligibility criteria (state which criteria will be used to determine inclusion/exclusion eligibility: examples include PICO characteristics, study design, setting, time frame, language, etc.)
  • Sample articles relevant to your research question