JANUARY 17 – JUNE 30, 2023

Several people hold a white banner that says "We're alive in '85. Gay & Lesbian Pride Week, Iowa City, IA." They are on the Pentacrest on campus and many are smiling.

Scrapbook photo, 1985. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Union Records [RG02.0003.018], University Archives.

Out & About: Queer Life in Iowa City is an exhibition about some of the many LGBTQ+ people and organizations in Iowa City’s history. Across the decades, queer folks in Iowa City and at the University of Iowa have created spaces in which to gather, to find support, and build community. The exhibit invites exploration of the diverse and complex history of LGBTQ life through an Iowa City lens.

Documents, photos, artifacts, and ephemera from local archives help recount stories from the recent past about queer student groups, local businesses and organizations, and publications. Materials on display in the exhibition are from the University Archives and Iowa Women’s Archives at the University of Iowa Libraries, from the LGBTQ Iowa Archives & Library, and from community members.

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Curator Highlights


Exhibition Curation

Madde Hoberg
Annex Assistant, University of Iowa Libraries 

Aiden Bettine
Curator of the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies, University of Minnesota 

Preparation & Conservation
Bill Voss, Conservator Technician & Exhibit Preparator 
Giselle Simón, University Conservator 

Kalmia Strong, Creative Coordinator

Exhibition Coordination & Curatorial Assistance
Sara J. Pinkham, Exhibition and Engagement Coordinator

Madde Hoberg, Sara J. Pinkham
Anna Holland, Associate Curator of the Iowa Women’s Archives

Bill Voss, Kalmia Strong, Sara J. Pinkham

Sara J. Pinkham 
Ken Clinkenbeard, Web Services Specialist

Virtual Exhibit Assembly & Photography
Sara J. Pinkham

Financial Support
Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries

Special Thanks
Paula Balkenende, Rusty Barceló, Ben Barreras, Anne Bassett, Michael Blake, Ken Bunch, Adria Carpenter, Laura Crossley, John Culshaw, Claire Czerwionka, Bethany Davis, Jill Davis, Natalee Dawson, Em Domingues, Katie Ferring, Margaret Gamm, Amanda Green, Maggie Halterman-Dess, David Hays, Dr. Katie Imborek, Sarah Keen, Quentin Kinzy, Kymbyrly Koester, Ann Kreitman, Tricia Kroll, Kris Kuebler, Lauren Magnani, Danielle Martinez, Randy Mayer, David McCartney, Lindsay Moen, Dr. Nicole Nisly, Kate Orazem, Jenna Silver, Laura Shoemaker, Sara Tate, Bethie Walker, Janet Weaver, Emma Welch, David Weldon.

Contributing Local Archives 
Iowa Women’s Archives, University of Iowa Libraries 
University Archives, University of Iowa Libraries 
LGBTQ Iowa Archives & Library, Iowa City