Wartime policy concerning purchase of new office equipment, 1943

Wartime policy concerning purchase of new office equipment. From the University of Iowa Guide to Business Procedure, June 1, 1943

This guide describes materials available in the University of Iowa Archives, Department of Special Collections, that pertain to University policies and regulations, both past and current. RG numbers refer to the described collection’s record group number.

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Academic Policies and Other Useful Information for Students. Issued by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar and other units. The Archives’ set covers 2002-2007. RG 05.0006001.

Code of Student Life. Issued by the University from 1946 until 1972, the Code addressed social regulations and the student judicial system. The Code was succeeded in 1973 by Policies and Regulations Affecting Students (see below). RG 24.0003.001.

Current policies, procedures and manuals. This online resource, maintained by the University, includes links to current policies addressing academic, faculty and staff, diversity and other areas.

Faculty Handbook. The Archives has several editions of the Handbook, printed between 1954 and 1996. The current Handbook edition is online. RG 26.0003.001.

General catalogs. Published since 1855, the first year of classes at the University, the general catalogs include University policies in several areas. A full set of the catalogs is maintained by the Archives. Current and some previous editions of the general catalogs are also available online courtesy of the Office of the Registrar. RG 01.0008.001.

Guide to Business Procedure. Printed irregularly between 1928 and 1966, with individual-page revisions issued as needed, the Guide was prepared as a “handbook for the reference of the departments of the University as to the procedure in handling University business.” RG 25.0001.001.

Operations Manual. The Manual replaced the Guide in 1966 and has addressed all aspects of University policy and procedure at the department and college level. According to its preface, it “contains University administrative, financial, and community policies that have been developed to supplement and clarify Regent policy and to incorporate specific requirements of federal, state, and administrative rules and regulations.” Between 1966 and 1993, the Manual was updated with individual-page revisions as was done with the earlier Guide. Complete printed editions of the Manual were issued annually from 1993 to 2001. Since 2002, the Manual has been revised twice yearly online and is maintained by the Office of University Relations. The current Manual is online at http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/. RG 05.0006.001.

Policies and Regulations Affecting Students. The publication is a cooperative effort of the University’s colleges, the Division of Student Services, and other offices. Policies and Regulations succeeded the Code of Student Life in 1973, and the Archives’ printed set spans 1973 to 2004. Online editions of Policies and Regulations from 2009 to present are maintained by the Internet Archive. RG 24.0003.001 and cataloged. The current Policies and Regulations edition is online at http://student-services.uiowa.edu/students/policies/index.php.

Publications. University-produced publications often include references to University policies. Titles of over 200 such publications may be searched in the University Serials and Journals Collection (RG 01.0009.002).

Residence Services publications. Of particular interest with respect to campus housing policy is the Residence Services Guidebook, published from 1955 to the present. The current editions of the Guidebook and related publications are online courtesy University Housing. RG 26.0004.001.

Records of the Office of Student Services. Collection includes student organizations manuals and catalogs, Code of Student Life (see above), and social regulations. RG 24.0003.001.

Records Pertaining to Policies and Procedures of the University of Iowa. Collection includes the Operations Manual (noted above), organization charts of the University, and other policies. RG 05.0006.001.

Student Handbook. The Handbook was published irregularly between 1914 and 1968 and Archives has an incomplete set. The publication was also titled Student Guide. See also Policies and Regulations Affecting Students and Code of Student Life, both listed above. RG 24.0003.001.

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