Iowa Alumnus cover, 1917

The Iowa Alumnus , 1917

This guide describes materials available in the University of Iowa Archives, Department of Special Collections, that pertain to University-produced publications. RG numbers refer to the described collection’s record group number.

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Aims and Progress of Research. A sub-series of the publication State University of Iowa Studies (see below), APR documented University research activity during much of the first half of the twentieth century; 1916-1952.
RG 01.0003.002.

Alumni magazines, including The Iowa Alumnus (1903-1925), The Iowa Alumni Review (1947-1993), The Iowa Alumni Quarterly (1993-2000), and The Iowa Alumni Magazine (2000- ). Back issues of all alumni publications, with the exception of the most recent five years, are available online as part of the Iowa Digital Library. RG 01.0009.002.

General catalogs. Course descriptions, faculty and staff listings, and general University information; 1855- . RG 01.0008.001.

State University of Iowa Bulletin and Publications. Academic term and program announcements, research topics, and general University information; 1863-1949. RG 01.0009.001.

State University of Iowa Studies. Reports of ongoing research at the University; 1916-1948. RG 01.0003.001.

Student Guides and Handbooks Collection. 1930- . RG 02.0012.001.

Student-produced Publications and Newsletters Collection. 1900- ; bulk, 1940- . RG 02.0005.001.

University directories. Faculty, staff and student directories (also known as the “herd book”);
1913- . RG 01.0007.001.

University Serials and Journals Collection. Over 200 University-produced publications, past and current, reflecting a wide range of academic and campus-related activity; 1880- ; bulk, 1900- . RG 01.0009.002.

Yearbooks and Student Newspapers Collection. 1868- . RG 02.0010.001 and RG 02.0011.001.

Back issues of The Daily Iowan newspaper and its predecessor publications are available online as part of the Iowa Digital Library.