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  • It’s Banned Books Week!

      BANNED BOOKS WEEK! September 23-29, 2018   Banned Book Week – typically held the last week in September – was launched in 1982 – in order to bring attention to a surge of challenges that schools, bookstores and libraries were getting. The purpose of this […]

  • Get Ready for Girls in Aviation Day!

    This Sunday, September 23rd is Girls In Aviation Day! “Flying is so much more than just a quick way to traverse space. It’s freedom and color and form and style. I am at home in the air.” Amelia Earhart, Feb. 7, 1934, Christian Science Monitor.    In honor of […]

  • Register Now for the Creative Kick-Start Program!!

    Registration is now open for the Creative Kick-Start Program!    Hey students! Are you interested in giving your idea, project, or invention a kick-start? Want to make that project a reality? Registration is now open for the Kick-Start program! The Engineering Library, […]