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  • Need Fun Activities for Break?

    It’s the holiday break. You’ve opened presents, eaten, napped, and now what? How about some fun DIY projects and crafts?   Maybe start out with something from The Star Wars Craft Book. Want to start with a holiday-themed craft? How about a Hanukkah Droidel? The appendix comes […]

  • Announcing Our Kick-Start Award Winners!!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR KICK-START WINNERS!!   We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Creative Kick-Start Program! Kick-Start, a program which was developed by the Engineering Library and the Engineering Technology Centers, awards $500 to 10 projects which are submitted by […]

  • Congratulations Graduates!

    Congratulations to our student assistants, Rachel and Jarod! They are both graduating this December and we are so excited for them!     Rachel Henkle has been working with us for three and half years as a Student Assistant, and we are going to miss her smiling face! She is getting her […]

  • Next Week is FINALS Week!!

    Yes, next week is FINALS WEEK and we are here to help you get ready!!! Are you finding that you are having trouble concentrating when you try and study in your room? Too many distractions? The couch and TV or gaming system just too close? Or that nice, soft, comfy bed? Stop in – we