From the Hawkeye annual, 1910

From the Hawkeye annual, 1910

This guide describes materials available in the University of Iowa Archives, Department of Special Collections, that pertain to members of the administration, faculty and staff of the University. RG numbers refer to the described collection’s record group number.

If you have questions about our holdings, please feel free to contact us.

Alumni magazines, including The Iowa Alumnus (1903-1925), The Iowa Alumni Review (1947-1993), The Iowa Alumni Quarterly (1993-2000), and The Iowa Alumni Magazine (2000- ). Back issues of all alumni publications, with the exception of the most recent five years, are available online as part of the Iowa Digital Library. RG 01.0009.002.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Associates’ Papers. Over 300 collections of the papers of University faculty, administrators and others are housed at the Archives. Among the outstanding figures in University history whose personal papers are preserved are William O. Aydelotte, Gustav Bergmann, Teresa E. Christy, Philip Greeley Clapp, Paul Engle, Norman Foerster, Ernest Horn, Wendell Johnson, Edward C. Mabie, Thomas H. Macbride, Charles H. McCloy, George W. Martin, Sidney E. Mead, Norman C. Meier, Leslie G. Moeller, Paul L. Sayre, Leo W. Schwarz, Benjamin F. and Bertha M.H. Shambaugh, Bohumil Shimek, and James A. Van Allen. The correspondence and other papers of faculty members can be valuable for research in the history of higher education, reflecting the development of teaching and research at the University of Iowa and in particular academic disciplines. RG 99 collections.

Faculty and Staff Vertical Files Collection . Over 5,000 current and former administrators, faculty, and staff are represented in this collection. Files contain newspaper clippings, academic vitae, obituaries and other material. RG 01.0015.003.

Faculty and Staff Organizations collections. Collections include the records of the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, the Triangle Club, and other organizations serving University of Iowa faculty and staff. RG 03 collections.

Faculty, staff and student directories. The directories, also known as the “herd book,” date from about 1913 to the present and include published directory information. RG 01.0007 collections.

General catalogs. Published since 1855, the first year of classes at the University, the catalogs list the names of all faculty and most staff employed by the University. Current and recent editions of the catalog are also available online courtesy of the Office of the Registrar. RG 01.0008.001.

Hawkeye annual. The University of Iowa’s yearbook chronicled campus life from 1892 until 1992, and includes many faculty and staff-related photographs. There is an online index to photographs of individuals for the 1893 to 1942 editions. RG 02.0010.001.

Internal Allocations. Also known as the “budget book,” this set of volumes lists the salaries and positions or rank of all University staff – and indicates their status as faculty, professional / scientific, or general service – from October 1917 to the present. RG 25.0001.001.

Manuscript File Collection on Early University History. The collection includes many of the earliest documents pertaining to the University’s development. Its Faculty series is arranged alphabetically by name. RG 01.0001.001.

Photographs. Photographs of faculty and staff, particularly from prior to 1970, are available in the Frederick W. Kent Collection of Photographs (RG 30.0001.001). More recent images are maintained by the University’s Center for Media Production.

Presidential Correspondence Papers collections. These collections, indexed from 1916 to 1976, include references to individuals who have corresponded with the University administration. Contact Archives staff for assistance in the use of these materials. RG 05 collections.

Publications. Faculty-produced publications in some instances form part of the collections of those individuals. Titles may also be searched by name of author in InfoHawk, the University of Iowa Libraries’ online public access catalog. In addition, University-produced publications often include references to faculty. Titles of over 200 such publications may be searched in the University Serials and Journals Collection (RG 01.0009.002).

Pulitzer Prize winners associated with the University of Iowa.

Student newspapers. The Archives houses a nearly-complete set of student-produced newspapers, including The Daily Iowan and its predecessor publications, from 1868 to the present. It is arranged by date but is not indexed (RG 02.0011.001). In addition, a microfilmed set of The Daily Iowan is maintained by Media Services, Main Library.

Back issues of the Daily Iowan and its predecessor publications are available online as part of the Iowa Digital Library.


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