ADLER, PHILIP D., 1902-. Papers of Philip D. Adler, 1904-1970. 54 items.
Newspaperman, publisher, president of Lee Enterprises, Inc., and philanthropist. Correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and books. MsC229 (Finding Aid)

ALLEN, ARTHUR FRANCIS, 1867-1949. Papers of Arthur F. Allen, 1913-1949. 1 ft.
Editor of the Sioux City Journal. Primarily correspondence, with speeches, clippings, and a scrapbook on Abraham Lincoln. MsC357 (Finding Aid)

BECK, ROBERT KNOWLTON, 1915-. Papers of Robert K. Beck, 1939-1971. 1.5 ft.
Newspaper publisher in Centerville, Iowa. Correspondence, clippings, speeches, subject files, etc., relating to newspaper publishing, Republican politics, and the Rathbun Dam. MsC394 (Finding Aid)

BLIVEN, BRUCE, 1889-1977. Papers of Bruce Bliven, 19533-1968. 1.5 ft.
Author, editor of The New Republic 1923-1953, and journalist. Typescript drafts, galleys, and page proofs for two of his books. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC566. (Finding Aid)

BOOTH, THOMAS EYRE, 1842-1927. Papers of Thomas E. Booth, 1875-1924. ca. 46 items.
Editor and publisher of the Anamosa Eureka in Anamosa, Iowa. Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, a scrapbook, and other related papers. MsC361 (Finding Aid)

CAREY, JOHN W., 1877-1945. Correspondence of John W. Carey, 1899-1943. ca. 228 items.
Newspaper editor in Rock Rapids and Sioux City, Iowa. MsC389.

EVANS, JOSEPH EARLY, 1919-1971. Papers of Joseph E. Evans, 1935-1971. 331 items.
Editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal. Correspondence, clippings and photographs relating to his editorial work, his experience in World War II, and his days as a graduate student at the University of Iowa. MsC275 (Finding Aid)

FACTS FOR FARMERS. Records , 1919-1983. 7 ft.
Agricultural publication (1935-1962) edited by Charles J. Coe. Business and research files, correspondence, and subject files. MsC485 (Finding Aid)

FAIRFIELD DAILY LEDGER. Records of the Fairfield Daily Ledger, 1930-51. ca. 3 ft.
Account books, tax receipts, operating statements, advertising returns, other financial records. MsC155 (Finding Aid)

FLANSBURG, JAMES S., 1932- . Papers of James S. Flasnburg, 1962-1998. 14 ft.
Journalist and editor for the Des Moines Register. Correspondence, editorials, and subject files reflecting his professional career as a reporter, editor, and columnist for the Register. MsC496. (Finding Aid)

GOULD, (CHARLES) BRUCE, 1898-1989. Papers of Bruce Gould, 1960s. .5 ft.
Journalist and editor at the Ladies Home Journal, 1935-1960. Typescripts of a play and two short stories comprise this collection. One is “The Moral Disintegration of Nelson Poe” (story published in Saturday Evening Post, 5 May 1934). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC614. (Finding Aid)

HALL, W. EARL, 1897-1969. Papers of W. Earl Hall, 1917-1969. 6 ft.
Editor and publisher of the Mason City Globe Gazette. Papers relating to his career and civic activities. Subject files, correspondence, speeches, and editorials reflect his work for such organizations as the Red Cross, Radio Free Europe, and the Iowa State Board of Regents. MsC193. (Finding Aid)

THE IOWAN. Records of The Iowan, 1952-1971. 20 ft.
Magazine published by The Iowan, Inc., Shenandoah, Iowa. Correspondence, manuscripts, page proofs, layouts, advertising and business records, and photos. MsC291. (Finding Aid)

JARNAGIN, WILLIAM C., 1879-1971. Papers of William C. Jarnagin, 1898-1971. 0.5 ft.
Owner, editor and publisher of the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune and the Storm Lake Register. Small group of papers relating to Jarnagin’s newspaper publishing career, including scrapbooks, “extra” sheets from the Spanish American War, and clippings. MsC255 (Finding Aid)

LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY. Records of the Lewis Publishing Company, 1880-1902. 5 ft.
Correspondence of Nathan Henry Wilson, receipt books, memorandum pads, and other business records. MsC154. (Finding Aid)

MOODY, CLARENCE WILBER, 1892-1967. Papers of Clarence W. Moody, 1932-1965. ca. 210 items.
Editor and publisher of the Burlington Hawk-Eye, civic leader. Newspaper clippings, correspondence, speeches, etc., concerning the newspaper and the Burlington, IA area, with information on the Great River Road Project of the 1960s. MsC326 (Finding Aid)

NORRIS, PAUL GIFFORD, JR., 1904-. Papers of Paul G. Norris, Jr., 1948-1973, 2 ft.
Editor and publisher in Marshalltown, Iowa. Office and family correspondence, subject files, and speeches. MsC283. (Finding Aid)

NYE, FRANK T., 1912-1983. Papers of Frank T. Nye, 1942-1983. 18.5 ft.
Reporter and editor for The Cedar Rapids Gazette. Correspondence, subject files, and photographs relating to Nye’s career with the Gazette. Includes information on Iowa politics and legislature, reapportionment, Herbert Hoover, and copies of articles written by Nye. MsC437. (Finding Aid)

OAKVILLE (IOWA) SENTINEL. Records of the Oakville (Iowa) Sentinel, 1903-1930. 15 items.
Ledgers with subscription lists, printing orders, and cash books. MsC267 (Finding Aid)

REYNOLDS, CONGER, 1891-1971. Papers of Conger Reynolds, 1899-1970. 9 ft.
Journalist, diplomat, and public relations expert. Subject files, correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, etc. relating to his varied career, from WWI intelligence officer to Chicago Tribune editor in Paris to consulate official to public relations director for Standard Oil. MsC183. (Finding Aid)

SHEARER, BRAINARD H., 1881-1970. Papers of Brainard H. Shearer, 1901-1969. 4.5 ft.
Newspaperman in Columbus Junction, IA. Journals, correspondence, business records, and subject files relating to his life and career as the editor and publisher of the Columbus Gazette and as the publisher of the Iowa Union Farmer. Subject files include topics ranging from the Iowa Union Farmer to the Louisa County Fair. MsC242. (Finding Aid) See also “ B.H. Shearer, Country Editor ” by Robert A. McCown.

SHEARER, PAUL V., 1919-1995. Papers of Paul V. Shearer, 1919-1995. 1 ft.
Lawyer, owner & publisher of the Columbus Gazette, and Methodist lay leader. Copies of his newspaper column, correspondence, speeches, and biographical material. Also conference programs, debates, commission reports, etc. relating to the Methodist Church. MsC489. (Finding Aid)

SHENANDOAH, IOWA, EVENING SENTINEL. Records of the Shenandoah, Iowa, Evening Sentinel, 1888-1946, 57 items.
Journals and ledgers, cash books, subscription lists and inventories. MsC247. (Finding Aid)

SHULTZ, GLADYS DENNY, 1912– . Gladys Shultz Manuscript, 1962. .5 ft.
Editor with Better Homes and Gardens and The Ladies’ Home Journal. Author of biographies with typescript of her Jenny Lind (1962) forming this colleciton. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC692. (Finding Aid)

*SPEIDEL, MERRITT C., 1879- . Papers of Merritt C. Speidel, 1914-1960. 300 items.
Newspaper publisher and founder of the Speidel Newspaper Syndicate. The papers consist of correspondence of both a personal and business nature. MsC104. (Finding Aid)

SPEIDEL, NEWSPAPERS, INC. Papers of Speidel, Newspapers, Inc., 1954-1957. 0.5 linear ft.
Weekly reports from the central office to the publisher. MsC481.

STARZEL, FRANK, 1904-1994. Papers of Frank Starzel, 1943-1962. 4 scrapbooks.
General manager of Associated Press. The scrapbooks contain photographs, speeches, press releases, and articles from his career with the Associated Press. MsC231. (Finding Aid)

TAMAZUNCALE PRESS, 1983-1989. Papers of the Tamazunchale Press, 1983-1984. Complete corporation records for a Newton, Iowa based publisher of miniature books.  The business was entirely developed and owned by Charlotte and Thomas Smith and form a series within the Smith Papers. (Finding Aid)

WALLCE, HENRY, 1836-1916. Papers of Henry Wallace, 1860-1924. 2.5 linear ft, 1 oversized folder.
First editor of Wallaces’ Farmer. Arranged in broad subject categories and then in chronological order. Available on microfilm for use in repository, for interlibrary loan, and for purchase. MsC180. (Finding Aid)

WALLACE, HENRY AGARD, 1888-1965. Henry A. Wallace Papers, 1934-44. 12 ft.
Editor of Wallaces’ Farmer 1921-1933; Secretary of Agriculture, 1933-1940; Vice-President of the United States, 1941-1945; Secretary of Commerce, 1945-1946. Photocopies of the microfilm edition of the original mss. in the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division. MsC177. (Finding Aid)

WALLACE, HENRY CANTWELL, 1866-1924. Papers of Henry C. Wallace, 1904-1930. 2.25 linear ft and 1 oversized scrapbook.
Second editor of Wallaces’ Farmer; appointed U.S Secretary of Agriculture by Warren Harding (1921-1924). Member of exec. committee of the Roosevelt Memorial Association and of the International Committee of Young Men’s Christian Associations. Arranged in broad subject categories. The correspondence arranged in chronological order. MsC179. (Finding Aid)

WHITEHEAD, GLENN E., 1892-. Papers of Glenn E. Whitehead, 1924-1963. 22 items.
State legislator and newspaper publisher of Perry, Iowa. Correspondence, poetry, diary, subject files, etc. relating to both his private and professional life. Includes items ranging from campaign advertising to his WWI supply officer’s manual. MsC 237. (Finding Aid)

WORTMAN, ALLAN, 1906–. Allan Wortman Papers, 1918-1990. 1 ft.
Editor of the Malvern Leader. Personal and professional correspondence. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC732. (Finding Aid)

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