The Tool Library offers a wide variety of tools from hand tools to measuring tools and everything in between!

The full list of tools is available on the Tool Library Website.

Tool Library Includes:

3D Scanners – Scan physical objects into digital models using the tools found in the Tool Library.

Cables – From chargers to adapters the Tool Library contains a wide variety of cables to assist in making the connection.

Cameras – Useful for documenting projects and research, recording student organization activities, and capturing memories.

Computer Accessories – Projectors, Draw Tablets, Microphones, and other computer peripherals are available at the Service Desk.

Hand Tools – Need to put together a robot, tighten a loose bolt on a dorm bunk, or make a quick repair a bike? The library has a wide variety of hand tools available.

LabQuest Equipment – A wide variety of sensors are available to collect data with the LabQuest Devices. Create graphs and analyze information with ease.

Measuring Tools – Measure distance, temperature, color, mass, volts, and more.

Programming & Circuits – Begin to explore the world of circuits and programming.

VR & AR – For fun as a first time user of VR or exploring a model you created. More information is available on Extended Reality page.

The Tool Library is located within the Lichtenberger Engineering Library. Ask for assistance at the service desk.