Collections in Record Group 1: General Information and University History

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RG 01.0001 : General

RG 01.0001.001  Manuscript File Collection on Early University History
RG 01.0001.002  Songbooks
RG 01.0001.003  Historical Papers
RG 01.0001.004  Apparatus Lists Records
RG 01.0001.005  University Centennial History Papers
RG 01.0001.006  ‘Fiction With an Iowa City Setting: A Checklist’ Collection [see also: Books at Iowa article by Earl M. Rogers]
RG 01.0001.007  Flood 2008 Collection (under development)

RG 01.0002 : State of Iowa

RG 01.0002.001  Legislative Higher Education Task Force Records

RG 01.0003 : Research

RG 01.0003.001  State University of Iowa Studies Collection
RG 01.0003.002  Aims and Progress of Research Collection

RG 01.0004 : University Accreditation

RG 01.0004.001  University Accreditation Records

RG 01.0005 : Reports Concerning the University

RG 01.0005.001  Reports Concerning the University

RG 01.0006: Oral History

RG 01.0006.001  Oral History Collection

RG 01.0007 : Directories

RG 01.0007.001  University Directories (“Herd books”)
RG 01.0007.002  Academic Faculty Directories
RG 01.0007.003  People’s Yellow Pages

RG 01.0008 : General Catalogues

RG 01.0008.001  General Catalogues Collection

RG 01.0009 : Publications

RG 01.0009.001  State University of Iowa Bulletin and Publications Collection
RG 01.0009.002  University Serials and Journals Collection

RG 01.0010 : External Services

RG 01.0010.001  Quad Cities Graduate Study Center Records

RG 01.0011 : Lectures

RG 01.0011.001  Committee on University Lectures Records
RG 01.0011.002  University Lectures Collection
RG 01.0011.003  Gwyn Jones Lectures Collection
RG 01.0011.004  John F. Murray Lecture Series Collection
RG 01.0011.005  Presidential Lectures Collection

RG 01.0012 : U.S. Government

RG 01.0012.001  NASA Electronics Research Center Proposal Records

RG 01.0013 : Conferences and Programs

RG 01.0013.001  University-Sponsored Conferences Records
RG 01.0013.002  Assembly Programs Collection

RG 01.0014 : Committee on Institutional Cooperation

RG 01.0014.001  Committee on Institutional Cooperation

RG 01.0015 : Vertical Files

RG 01.0015.001  Alumni and Former Students
RG 01.0015.002  Buildings and Grounds
RG 01.0015.003  Faculty and Staff
RG 01.0015.004  Organizations and Clubs
RG 01.0015.005  Subject Files


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