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Box List

Series X: Box 29


January 5.  Statement on the vote taken by the American Institute of Public Opinion

January 7. "The Supreme Court Decision." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

Tells of decision and halting of AAA machinery; studying avenues of approach to a substitute

January 10. Statement on the Supreme Court decision declaring the Agricultural Adjustment Act unconstitutional at a meeting of farm leaders, Washington, D.C.

January 14.   "The Farm Conference." Radio address on the National Farm and Home  Hour

Tells of farm leaders' meeting to frame substitute

January 21. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning a substitute for the Agricultural Adjustment Act

Need cool spirit in framing substitute; took 6 years to convert both branches of Congress; another 5 years to get President; how many to get third branch?; farmers studying problem; reads letter from farmer

January 22.   "Federal Cooperation in Recreational Planning." Address before the Conference on the National Park Service, Washington, D.C.

January 23. Statement on the Supreme Court decision ordering the money tied up in processing tax suits be returned to the processors

January 26. Statement on scientific research

January 28. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning recent Supreme Court decisions

Discusses return of tax money to processors; "greatest legalized steal in history"

February 4. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning recent Supreme Court decisions and substitutes for the Agricultural Adjustment Act

February 6. Excerpts from an address before the Civic Educational Forum, Binghamton, New York, concerning recent Supreme Court decisions

February 12.  "Agriculture: A Local Activity and a National Problem."  Address at a meeting sponsored by the Indiana Farm Bureau Federation,  Indianapolis, Indiana

When court is wrong, people should point out error; if can criticize other branches, can criticize court; Government used power to increase production, why not to control  production?; right exercised by industry denied agriculture; "hot money" of processors; the new plan; in line with Constitution

February 18. Text of a letter from HAW to Senator George W. Norris, concerning impounded processing taxes and processors' profits

March 3.  "The New Farm Legislation." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

Description of new act; move to recapture processors' hot money

March 6. Address at a regional meeting on soil conservation and the domestic allotment program, Memphis, Tennessee

Unreality of Washington

March 10.  Statement on plans for the new Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act

March 11. Statement on the selection of Chester C. Davis by President Roosevelt to survey agricultural trade possibilities abroad

March 14.  "Land Values." Address at a luncheon of the People's Lobby, Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.

March 17.  "Region and Nation." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

March 20. Statement on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning the possible after-effects of floods on the health of livestock

March 20. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning the new farm program

March 21. Statement on the new national soil conservation program

March 24.  "In the Wake of the Flood." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

March 27. Address concerning the problems affecting agricultural labor at a Farmer-Labor meeting, Washington, D.C.

March 31. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning the new soil conservation program

April 4.  Text of a letter from HAW to Senator Ellison D. Smith, concerning Senate Resolution 265

April 7. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning Agricultural Adjustment Administration payments to farmers

April 14. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning the agricultural situation

April 21. "How the Water Runs off the Hills." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

April 22. Address before the Farm Paper Editors Conference

April 27. "Flood Control at the Grass Roots." Address before the National Rivers and Harbors Congress, Washington, D.C.

The flood in Washington, and amount of good soil lost; need of flood control at the grass roots; significance of farm program and conservation, relation to flood control; loss of topsoil; history of man in  way he cares for soil.

April 28. Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour, concerning rainfall conditions and weather forecasting

May 1. Remarks on introducing A. P. Giannini on the Good Neighbor radio program

May 4.  "Making the Most of the Home Market." Address before a meeting of farmers at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

Farmers want home market; if they accept tariff as cure-all, will be sold down the river again; review of what happened before

May 7.  Statement on the motion picture produced by Pare Lorentz for the Resettlement Administration

May 7.  Text of a letter from HAW to Senator Pat Harrison, concerning a processing tax on sugar

May 7.  Text of a letter from HAW to Senator Pat Harrison, concerning the "windfall" tax and the proposed excise tax on agricultural commodities, H. R. 12395

May 9.  Round table at Princeton, New Jersey

May 12. "Farm Imports: Our Favorite Personal Devil." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

  Discussion of whole import controversy

May 13. Foreword to be used for the Soil Conservation Law

May 26.  "How England Meets its Farm Problem." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

May 27.  Text of a letter from HAW to Francis P. Garvan, concerning cooperation between the Department of Agriculture and the Farm Chemurgic Council to find new industrial uses for farm products

Series X: Box 30

June 1.  "Greetings to the Associated Country Women of the World." Address before the Third Triennial Conference of the Associated Country Women of the World, Washington, D.C.

Importance of farm women to future of our civilization

June 4. Address before the Third Triennial Conference of the Associated Country Women of the World, Washington, D.C.

Situation of farm women; danger of land boom; and the nations go through another great agony in order to promote the principle of worldwide general welfare

June 4. Statement concerning the position of HAW on the farm problem

June 9.  "New England and National Agricultural Policy." Address before the New England Institute of Cooperation, Amherst, Massachusetts


June 18. Opening address before the National 4-H Club Camp, Washington, D.C.

June 19. Report to the Senate on payments under the Agricultural Adjustment program.

June.    "Research on Industrial and Other New Uses for Agricultural Products"

July 1.  "Agriculture and American Life." Address before the Department of Contemporary Thought, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Symphony; two great chords in American life; liberty disciplines; need more attention to longtime national welfare (not fantastic idealism); how cities benefit from farm; educated children; parallel of factory payrolls and farm income; interacting interests; can corporations modify objectives somewhat; decentralization of cities coming?

July 13. "The 1936 Drought." Radio address

Is climate changing?; need crop insurance and Ever Normal Granary to meet variable weather

July 22. "Agricultural Preparedness and the Drought." Address before the International Baby Chick Association, Kansas City, Missouri

Man no longer helpless in face of drought; even with drought, no farm scarcity like industry's; lesson of doing something to compensate for violent swings; experience of corn loan; Ever Normal Granary; challenge to inventive genius; crop insurance

July 24. Statement on cattle prices

July 27. Statement at the hearings on the Commodity Exchange Act, Chicago, Illinois

August 7.  "Northeast Agriculture and the National Welfare." Address at Oneida County Fair, Boonville, New York

Describes needed long-time farm program

August 11. "The Impact of Technology." Address at the Centennial Celebration of the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa

How technology makes 1936 differ from 1836; effect of technology on agriculture; people on farms supporting people in towns, etc.; what corporate farming might do; distribution of gains; land owner favored against tenant, etc.; technology may give highly efficient commercial farms and at same time peasantry; would ruin family-size farm, increase tenancy; disadvantaged farmers may not understand true nature of forces against them (like cottage handicraft workers of England ); better to direct efficiency than try to stop it; adapt science and machinery to kind of agriculture we wish to see; electricity on farm; drought is interstate; what should be done with people and land in drought areas?; can use opportunities for conservation, jobs, etc. or can waste them.

August 18. Statement concerning John D. M. Hamilton's statement on the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act

August 19. "The Joseph Idea, the Drought, and the American Consumer." Address at the Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph, Confucius and Ever Normal Granary; Mormons; Farm Board experience and its drawbacks; can take advantage experience of all three; Joseph a dictator, but we can do it democratically; unity of interest, farmers and consumers; two extremes of surplus and scarcity; better to get workable balance; dangers of government purchase.

August 25. Statement on the Crop Insurance and the Ever Normal Granary

September 10.  "Common Aims in Agriculture." Address before a gathering of Negro leaders, and farmers at Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama

George W. Carver and his influence

September 16. Campaign address

September 23.   "The Farmer and the General Welfare." Address at the 6th Annual Forum on Current Problems, under the Auspices of the New York Herald-Tribune, New York City

Real problem to avoid either kind of scarcity (from drought or surplus); asks for support of stabilizing principle

September 24. Statement before the Up-Stream Engineering Conference, Washington,  D.C.

September 25.  "Words vs. Action." Campaign radio address attacking Governor Alfred Landon' s farm plan

September 25.  Statement on the effect of the reciprocal trade agreements on cheese prices

September 28. Statement on the cooperation of the Soil Conservation Service and the Forest Service in erosion control

September 29. "The Issue Before Dairymen." Address at the Neat Farm Contest Meeting of the Chicago Pure Milk Association, Aurora, Illinois

Series X: Box 31

September 30. Excerpts from an address at Davenport, Iowa, concerning the future of the farming industry

October 1.  "A Record of Progress, 1932-1935." A tribute to Senator George W. Norris, Beatrice, Nebraska

October 3.  "Progress vs. Retreat for Agriculture." Address before the Biermann for Congress Club, Decorah, Iowa

October 12. Statement on the policies the United States should pursue in order to avoid being drawn into the impending European War

October 15.   "What Would Mr. Landon Have Done?" Campaign address at Eaton, Ohio

Review of Roosevelt decisions and their wisdom

October 16.  "The Issue Before Farmers." Campaign address at Lancaster, Pennsylvania

October 19.  "Out of Many, One." Campaign address at DeKalb, Illinois

October 21.  "The Business Men's Stake in This Election." Excerpts from a campaign address at Sioux City, Iowa

October 23.  "Progress vs. Retreat for Michigan." Campaign address at Lansing, Michigan

October 26. Campaign address at Lafayette, Indiana

October 27. Campaign address at St. Louis, Missouri

October 28. Campaign address at Wichita, Kansas

October 29.   "Forward with Roosevelt." Campaign address at Des Moines, Iowa

[October].  Suggested comments for Rapid City, South Dakota

November 2.  Statement on corn prices

November 4.  Statement on the election

November 5.   "Processing Taxes - Real and Imaginary." Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour.

November 5. Statement on the Gallup Poll

November 10.  Statement on the farm vote

November 14.  Address at Grange Meeting, Columbus, Ohio

November 16.  "Responding to Change in Agriculture."  Address before the Annual Meeting of the Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities, Houston, Texas

December 9. "Agricultural Security." Address before the American Farm Bureau Federation, Pasadena, California

Post election calm, chart path ahead; old slogan, "Equality for Agriculture"; eleven points of permanent program; policies of industry affecting agriculture; need of coordination and planning; "security gives confidence"

December 9.   "Conservation and Peace." Address before the American Farm Bureau Federation, Pasadena, California

December 16. Address at the opening session of the President's Committee on Farm Tenancy, Washington, D.C.

December 18. Lecture before the Department of Agriculture Graduate School on the objectives of the Department of Agriculture

December 23. Statement for the New Year

December 24. "The Report of the Crop Insurance Committee to the President"

Radio address on the National Farm and Home Hour

[1936].  Abstract from conversation with John A. Hobson

[1936].  Abstract from conversation with H.N. Brailsford

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